Aruba Certified Switching Professional Exam HPE6-A73 Study Guide Updated

Aruba Certified Switching Professional Exam HPE6-A73 Study Guide Updated

Focus on ITPrepare, the HPE6-A73 study guide updated for the Aruba Certified Switching Professional Exam recently.

Updated HPE6-A73 Study Guide OF ITPrepare

  • Exam Code: HPE6-A73
  • Exam Name: Aruba Certified Switching Professional Exam
  • Exam Version: V13.02
  • Exam Q&As: 121

For candidates, you can come to ITPrepare to get the latest HPE6-A73 study guide to learn the newest questions and answers. All these ITPrepare HPE6-A73 real exam questions will help you in preparation and ensure your success in the final Aruba Certified Switching Professional (ACSP) certification exam. One should see the HPE6-A73 free questions demo before purchasing the updated HPE6-A73 study guide.

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1. A company has a few servers in a secure, remote location storing highly-confidential documents connected to two AOS-CX 6400 switches configured in a VSX pair The AOS-CX switches perform access control with 802 1X and will be implementing user-based tunneling (UBT) so that Aruba gateway application inspection and stateful firewall policies can be applied to the traffic. The gateways are running version 84 and implement the AP, PEF, and RFP licenses

Which licensing is needed for the two AOS-CX switches?

2. What must a network administrator implement in order to run an NAE script on an AOS-CX switch?

3. A network engineer is setting up BGP on AOS-CX switches. The engineer is establishing two different eBGP peering’s to two different service providers. The engineer has dozens of contiguous C-class public networks that need to be advertised to the two service providers. The engineer manually defines the networks to be advertised individually with the "network" command.

How can an administrator advertise only a summarized route to the two service providers?

4. When implementing deficit weighted round robin queuing, what importance does the weight value have?

5. A switch will apply a device profile to a port based on which pieces of information? (Select two.)

6. In AOS-CX switching, what determines when a frame is forwarded by the switch between the ingress and the egress port?

7. What is the correct way of associating a VRF instance to either a VLAN or an interface?

8. What is correct regarding policy-based routing?

9. Examine the output from an AOS-CX switch implementing a dynamic segmentation solution involving downloadable user roles:

Switch# show port-access role clearpass

Role information:

Name: icxarubadur_employee-3044-2

Type: clearpass

Status: failed, parsing_failed

Reauthentication Period:

Authentication Mode:

Session Timeout:

The downloadable user roles are not being downloaded to the AOS-CX switch.

Based on the above output, what is the problem?

10. A network has two AOS-CX switches connected to two different service providers. The administrator is concerned about bandwidth consumption on the service provider links and learned that the service providers were using the company as a transit AS.

Which feature should the administrator implement to prevent this situation?


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