Updated Using HPE OneView HPE2-T37 Study Guide – Pass Your HPE2-T37 Exam With Ease

Updated Using HPE OneView HPE2-T37 Study Guide – Pass Your HPE2-T37 Exam With Ease

To all new and old customers, the Using HPE OneView HPE2-T37 study guide has been updated, which could be your good learning material for passing with ease. With the HPE2-T37 study guide by ITPrepare, you no longer have to worry about failing your HPE2-T37 Using HPE OneView Exam or fear about missing classes due to the hectic lifestyles of today’s generation. The Using HPE OneView HPE2-T37 exam dumps are downloadable as a pdf file to any type of device including, PC, MAC, laptop, tablet, and smartphone at your convenience.

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1. Refer to the exhibit.

Which statement about the logical interconnect shown is true?

2. Which statement about the volume template is true?


For HPE Primera, match each task with the management tool that can be used to perform it.

4. Your customer wants to manage their HPE Superdome Flex using HPE OneView.

Which component must be added to HPE OneView to accomplish this task?

5. Which statement about HPE OneView Global Dashboard is true?

6. Which statement regarding HPE OneView backup restore is true?

7. Refer to the exhibit.

After adding SAN Manager to HPE OneView. you noticed that all SANs are in the discovered state .

How will this affect HPE OneView storage management capabilities?

8. Which statement about managing an HPE BiaoeSystem server is true?


Click the option that will allow you to update the firmware of master and satellite modules.

10. Which connection type can be defined within a server profile for an MPE ProLiant DL server?


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