Free HPE0-J58 Dumps Questions Can Be Tested Online

Free HPE0-J58 Dumps Questions Can Be Tested Online

Finding HPE0-J58 exam dumps to prepare for Designing Multi-Site HPE Storage Solutions HPE0-J58 exam is the effective and fast way to achieve the success. The latest HPE0-J58 exam dumps can be found at ITPrepare, which could be better for your learning. The great and valid HPE0-J58 exam questions and answers aid you to understand that how much work you’ll need to qualify for HPE ASE Master HPE0-J58 exam. For more, HPE0-J58 exam will be inactive on August 15, 2022, you need to test before that day.

Free HPE0-J58 Dumps Questions Are Available Below Which Can Be Tested Online

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1. A customer has a two-node HPE 3PAR array with three additional drive enclosures. There is a single CPG setup for RAID 5 (3+1). One of the drive enclosures has failed and must be replaced.

What needs to be considered before starling the repair?

2. You are developing reports for a new proposal. You try to use SAF Analyze to upload the customer data you collected, but you receive an error.

What must you do first to begin the process?

3. A customer has started to load their HPE 3PAR 8450 with data, but are not sure what data reduction they are achieving. They ask you to run analysis and estimate the deduplication ratio of data currently on a virtual volume (VV).

Which CLI command should you use to understand data reduction ratios?

4. Refer to the exhibit.

A customer is considering a new HPE 3PAR for the purpose of implementing deduplication and compression. Based on the output returned from the NinjaCrawler tool, what do you know about the customer data?

5. Refer to the exhibit.

A customer requests a solution for two 3PAR 8450 storage arrays using synchronous replication. The customer wants the array configured to…

A junior architect you are coaching created the configuration shown for each array

What should you add to me configuration for each array to meet customer performance requirements?

6. You are proposing a replication solution to a customer. A competitor offers a solution based on storage

virtualization appliances.

What should you stress about an HPE 3PAR replication solution in regard to the competitor’s proposal?

7. A customer has a requirement to provide disaster recovery for an application. The application has an RPO of 30 mins, with an RTO of 15 mins.

How can HPE 3PAR Remote Copy help meet the customer’s specified requirements in the most cost effective manner?

8. A customer needs to analyze performance and capacity of their storage environment. Their environment

consists of HPE 3PAR, EMC VNX, and Pure Systems.

Which tool should you use to begin your assessment of their environment?

9. A startup company is considering an HPE Nimble solution. They have a small IT budget, and they need to be future-proof for changing performance requirements.

How does the Nimble architecture meet the company needs? (Select two.)

10. A customer has two devices in separate fabrics that need to communicate on a regular basis. The customer does not want to merge these HPE B-series switch fabrics together due to security reasons.

What type of zoning should you recommend that will not merge the two fabrics, but will allow those devices to communicate?


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