The Most Updated PCNSE Exam Dumps Released On [3-28-2022]

The Most Updated PCNSE Exam Dumps Released On [3-28-2022]

To all, PCNSE exam dumps were updated on March 28 with the most accurate questions and answers for preparation. We are providing the most updated PCNSE exam dumps with the real questions and verified answers to ensure that you can complete Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Engineer (PCNSE) exam in the first attempt.

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1. An enterprise information Security team has deployed policies based on AD groups to restrict user access to critical infrastructure systems However a recent phisning campaign against the organization has prompted Information Security to look for more controls that can secure access to critical assets For users that need to access these systems Information Security wants to use PAN-OS multi-factor authentication (MFA) integration to enforce MFA.

What should the enterprise do to use PAN-OS MFA1?

2. A standalone firewall with local objects and policies needs to be migrated into Panorama.

What procedure should you use so Panorama is fully managing the firewall?

3. An administrator cannot see any Traffic logs from the Palo Alto Networks NGFW in Panorama reports. The configuration problem seems to be on the firewall.

Which settings, if configured incorrectly, most likely would stop only Traffic logs from being sent from the NGFW to Panorama?


Paloalto Networks-PCNSE10_1


Paloalto Networks-PCNSE11_1


Paloalto Networks-PCNSE11_2


Paloalto Networks-PCNSE11_3

4. The manager of the network security team has asked you to help configure the company's Security Profiles according to Palo Alto Networks best practice As part of that effort, the manager has assigned you the Vulnerability Protection profile for the internet gateway firewall

Which action and packet-capture setting for items of high severity and critical severity best matches Palo Alto Networks best practice'?

5. How can packet butter protection be configured?

6. Which two features require another license on the NGFW? (Choose two.)

7. An engineer is planning an SSL decryption implementation

Which of the following statements is a best practice for SSL decryption?

8. Based on the graphic, which statement accurately describes the output shown in the Server Monitoring panel?

Paloalto Networks-PCNSE22_1

9. An administrator has 750 firewalls. The administrator's central-management Panorama instance deploys dynamic updates to the firewalls. The administrator notices that the dynamic updates from Panorama do not appear on some of the firewalls.

If Panorama pushes the configuration of a dynamic update schedule to managed firewalls, but the configuration does not appear what is the root cause?

10. Refer to the diagram.

Paloalto Networks-PCNSE24_1

An administrator needs to create an address object that will be useable by the NYC. MA, CA and WA device groups

Where will the object need to be created within the device-group hierarchy?


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