Updated PCNSE Practice Questions – Confirmed As Valid PCNSE Materials

Updated PCNSE Practice Questions – Confirmed As Valid PCNSE Materials

To all, the most updated PCNSE practice questions have been released with 88 exam questions, which have been confirmed as valid PCNSE preparation materials. Also all the answers of the updated PCNSE practice questions have been verified as correct ones to ensure that you can pass PCNSE Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Engineer Exam in the first attempt. You actually can rely on the updated PCNSE practice questions for preparation and get success in actual PCNSE exam.

Below are PCNSE free questions for practicing online:

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1. Which configuration task is best for reducing load on the management plane?

2. What is the best description of the HA4 Keep-alive Threshold (ms)?

3. You need to allow users to access the office-suite applications of their choice.

How should you configure the firewall to allow access to any office-suite application?

4. What would allow a network security administrator to authenticate and identify a user with a new BYOD-type device that is not joined to the corporate domain?

5. Which statement is correct given the following message from the PanGPA.log on the GlobalProtect app?

Failed to connect to server at port: 4767

6. An existing NGFW customer requires direct internet access offload locally at each site, and IPSec connectivity to all branches over public internet. One requirement is that no new SD-WAN hardware be introduced to the environment.

What is the best solution for the customer?

7. A firewall is configured with SSL Forward Proxy decryption and has the following four enterprise certificate authorities (CAs):

i. Enterprise-Trusted-CA, which is verified as Forward Trust Certificate (The CA is also installed in the trusted store of the end-user browser and system.)

ii. Enterprise-Untrusted-CA, which is verified as Forward Untrust Certificate

iii. Enterprise-Intermediate-CA

iv. Enterprise-Root-CA, which is verified only as Trusted Root CA

An end-user visits https://www.example-website.com/ with a server certificate Common Name (CN): www.example-website.com.The firewall does the SSL Forward Proxy decryption for the website and the server certificate is not trusted by the firewall.

The end-user's browser will show that the certificate for www.example-website.comwas issued by which of the following?

8. When you navigate to Network>Global Protect>Portals>Agent>(config)>App and look in the Connect Method section, which three options are available? (Choose three.)

9. SAML SLO is supported for which two firewall features? (Choose two.)

10. Refer to the image.

An administrator is tasked with correcting an NTP service configuration for firewalls that cannot use the Global template NTP servers. The administrator needs to change the IP address to a preferable server for this template stack but cannot impact other template stacks.

How can the issue be corrected?


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