Real Palo Alto Networks PCDRA Study Materials [2022]

Real Palo Alto Networks PCDRA Study Materials [2022]

It is great that real Palo Alto Networks PCDRA study materials are online for helping you be a Palo Alto Networks Certified Detection and Remediation Analyst certified. Actual PCDRA exam has 60-75 real questions for answering, including multiple choice, scenarios with Graphics, and matching. Practicing real PCDRA study materials can help you answer the actual Palo Alto Networks Certified Detection and Remediation Analyst (PCDRA) exam smoothly and perfectly.

Test Palo Alto Networks PCDRA Free Exam Questions Below

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1. When selecting multiple Incidents at a time, what options are available from the menu when a user right-clicks the incidents? (Choose two.)

2. If you have an isolated network that is prevented from connecting to the Cortex Data Lake, which type of Broker VM setup can you use to facilitate the communication?

3. When creating a scheduled report which is not an option?

4. Phishing belongs which of the following MITRE ATT&CK tactics?

5. When using the “File Search and Destroy” feature, which of the following search hash type is supported?

6. A file is identified as malware by the Local Analysis module whereas WildFire verdict is Benign, Assuming WildFire is accurate .

Which statement is correct for the incident?

7. Which of the following best defines the Windows Registry as used by the Cortex XDRagent?

8. What kind of the threat typically encrypts userfiles?

9. Which of the following represents the correct relation of alerts to incidents?

10. Which built-in dashboard would be the best option for an executive, if they were looking for the Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR) metric?


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