Palo Alto Networks PSE Strata Exam Dumps Updated [2022] – Valid For Passing PSE Strata Exam

Palo Alto Networks PSE Strata Exam Dumps Updated [2022] – Valid For Passing PSE Strata Exam

Passing Palo Alto Networks System Engineer Professional – Strata exam verifies that you possess the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities required to demonstrate knowledge in the competitive features and functions of Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation firewalls, execute an evaluation of Palo Alto Networks firewalls, and present a Security Lifecycle Review (SLR) report. But how to pass the PSE Strata exam successfully? We have the Palo Alto Networks PSE Strata exam dumps with the most updated questions and answers. The successful certified candidates and students have verified that the updated PSE Strata exam dumps are valid for passing PSE Strata Palo Alto Networks System Engineer Professional – Strata certification exam.

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1. What are three considerations when deploying User-ID? (Choose three.)

2. Select the BOM for the Prisma Access, to provide access for 5500 mobile users and 10 remote locations (100Mbps each) for one year, including Base Support and minimal logging. The customer already has 4x PA5220r 8x PA3220,1x Panorama VM for 25 devices.

3. Which three items contain information about Command-and-Control (C2) hosts? (Choose three.)


Match the functions to the appropriate processing engine within the dataplane.

5. 1.Which two of the following does decryption broker provide on a NGFW? (Choose two.)

6. What is the basis for purchasing Cortex XDR licensing?

7. Which functionality is available to firewall users with an active Threat Prevention subscription, but no WildFire license?

8. What are two advantages of the DNS Sinkholing feature? (Choose two.)

9. Which security profile on the NGFW includes signatures to protect you from brute force attacks?

10. A customer has business-critical applications that rely on the general web-browsing application .

Which security profile can help prevent drive-by-downloads while still allowing web-browsing traffic?


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