Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Consultant PCNSC Certification Dumps

Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Consultant PCNSC Certification Dumps

The Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Consultant PCNSC exam is eligibility limited to Palo Alto Networks Certified Professional Services Partners (CPSPs) who have attended the Customer Simulation Lab (CSL) Workshop or employees with valid PCNSE certification who have attended the PS Academy. If you are one of them, just choose the PCNSC certification dumps from ITPrepare to prepare well. The PCNSC exam dumps guarantee you to help out to pass them with exceptional scores. You are acknowledged to get desired final results by way of ITPrepare Palo Alto Networks PCNSC certification dumps.

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1. When is the content inspection performed in the packet flow process?

2. Which method will dynamically register tags on the Palo Alto Networks NGFW?

3. What should an administrator consider when planning to revert Panorama to a pre-PAN-OS 8.1 version?

4. An administrator has left a firewall to used default port for all management services.

Which three function performed by the dataplane? (Choose three.)

5. Which CLI command enables an administrator to view detail about the firewall including

uptime. PAN -OS® version, and serial number?

6. Which two subscriptions are available when configuring panorama to push dynamic updates to connected devices? (Choose two.)

7. What is exchanged through the HA2 link?

8. 1.A session in the Traffic log is reporting the application as "incomplete”

What does "incomplete" mean?

9. A firewall administrator has been asked to configure a Palo Alto Networks NGFW to prevent against compromised hosts trying tophone-number or bacon out to eternal command-and-control (C2) servers.

Which Security Profile type will prevent these behaviors?

10. Which feature prevents the submission of corporate login information into website forms?


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