Updated Palo Alto Networks PCNSE Exam Dumps – Best PCNSE Study Guide For Learning

Updated Palo Alto Networks PCNSE Exam Dumps – Best PCNSE Study Guide For Learning

To all, ITPrepare updates the dumps regularly to make sure you have the latest study guide, including PCNSE exam dumps. The updated Palo Alto Networks PCNSE exam dumps from ITPrepare are the best study guide for learning. You can download the PCNSE exam dumps pdf to start learning the PCNSE exam questions and answers well. The PCNSE exam dumps are an exact reproduction of the genuine Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Engineer Exam, enabling you to master the PCNSE exam questions on the initial go.

Palo Alto Networks PCNSE Free Dumps Questions Are Below For Reading

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1. What can be used to create dynamic address groups?

2. Which configuration task is best for reducing load on the management plane?

3. Which configuration is backed up using the Scheduled Config Export feature in Panorama?

4. When configuring forward error correction (FEC) for PAN-OS SD-WAN, an administrator would turn on the feature inside which type of SD-WAN profile?

5. You have upgraded your Panorama and Log Collectors lo 10.2 x. Before upgrading your firewalls using Panorama, what do you need do?

6. A customer is replacing their legacy remote access VPN solution. The current solution is in place to secure only internet egress for the connected clients Prisma Access has been selected to replace the current remote access VPN solution.

During onboarding the following options and licenses were selected and enabled

- Prisma Access for Remote Networks 300Mbps

- Prisma Access for Mobile Users 1500 Users

- Cortex Data Lake 2TB

- Trusted Zones trust

- Untrusted Zones untrust

- Parent Device Group shared

How can you configure Prisma Access to provide the same level of access as the current VPN solution?

7. An administrator is building Security rules within a device group to block traffic to and from malicious locations

How should those rules be configured to ensure that they are evaluated with a high priority?

8. A firewall should be advertising the static route Into OSPF. The configuration on the neighbor is correct, but the route is not in the neighbor's routing table.

Which two configurations should you check on the firewall? (Choose two.)

9. Before an administrator of a VM-500 can enable DoS and zone protection, what actions need to be taken?

10. The manager of the network security team has asked you to help configure the company's Security Profiles according to Palo Alto Networks best practice. As part of that effort, the manager has assigned you the Vulnerability Protection profile for the internet gateway firewall.

Which action and packet-capture setting for items of high severity and critical severity best matches Palo Alto Networks best practice?


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