New C1000-133 Exam Questions – Read C1000-133 Free Dumps Online

New C1000-133 Exam Questions – Read C1000-133 Free Dumps Online

To be a IBM Certified Architect – Sterling Order Management v10.0 and Order Management on Cloud certified, you will be required to pass C1000-133 exam successfully. C1000-133 IBM Sterling Order Management v10.0 and Order Management on Cloud Architect exam contains 60 questions, which are required to answer in 90 minutes. For passing successfully, candidates need to answer 34 questions or more correctly. To practice IBM C1000-133 exam well, you can read C1000-133 free dumps online.

Below Are C1000-133 Free Dumps Which Can Be Test By YourSelf Online

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1. In order to handle the projected sales order volume, the Schedule Order agent needs to betriggered every 5 minutes.

Where can this be configured?

2. An implementation professional creates a custom or hang-off entity .

Which statement about this process is NOT true?

3. Application server data source connection pooling needs to be enabled for an IBM Sterling Order Management V9.4 application deployed on Oracle WebLogic Application Server 12c and Oracle Database 11g (

Which configuration will enable data source connection pooling?

4. 1.In an IBM Sterling Order Management deployment, the LDAP authentication will be implemented as a web service call against theEmployee Active Directory .

Which is a valid property for this LDAP implementation?

5. A master catalog organization (ABC) authorizes its sub-catalog organization (XYZ) to manage an item category "Gift items" within its master catalog.

When adding items to the 'Gift items" category, which statement is true?

6. In aproduction environment, agent server JVM has crashed due to an out of a memory error on the agent machine. Agent server JVM is configured to run with 5 threads. At the time of the crash, 5 different records are being processed by the agent server JVM and 1707 more records are present in the non-persistent JMS queue to be processed Agent server JVM is re-started after increasing the memory.

Which statement is true?

7. As part of implementation, it is required for return orders createdagainst a sales order to have the value of an extended database attribute of the YFS_ORDER_LINE table. At the time of return creation, this attribute must be copied from the sales order onto the return order .

How can this be accomplished?

8. An Item Administrator configures a pre-configured bundleitem with the Parent Item 'AAA' and child items 'BBB' and 'CCC'. The Pricing Administrator in IBM Sterling Business Center setsthe price of 'AAA' as $10, 'BBB' as $5 and 'CCC' as $2. The CSRadds this pre-configured bundle item to the order and selects both the child items .

What is the price of the order in thisscenario?

9. Consider the following charges made:

• Sales Order 1 (sales order is for $250)

o CREDrT_CARD1=$150


• Sales Order 2(sales order is for $300)

o CREDIT_CARD 1 = $150

o DEBIT CARD1 =$150

The same payment method, CREDIT_CARD_1, was used on both sales orders

The following payment setup was previously configured:

• CASH refunds to new CASH, unless greater than $200, then CASH refunds to CHECK

• DCBIT_CARD refunds lo now CASH

• CREDI1 CARD refunds to itself

If the customer decides to return both orders, which refund scenario is correct? Return Order Refunds:

10. XYZ-CORP is an enterprise and a catalog organization that maintains items, such as processors, motherboards, and chipsets.

When an implementation professional defines the sub-catalog organizations as shown in the following figure, which statement is true?


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