Valid C1000-118 Exam Dumps To Achieve IBM Cloud v5 Certification

Valid C1000-118 Exam Dumps To Achieve IBM Cloud v5 Certification

A person, who earned the IBM Certified Professional Architect – Cloud v5 certification can design, plan, and architect Cloud solutions on IBM Cloud. C1000-118 IBM Cloud Professional Architect v5 exam is the requirement of IBM Certified Professional Architect – Cloud v5 certification. When studying C1000-118 exam, you can choose valid C1000-118 exam dumps online to benefit and pass C1000-118 IBM exam successfully.

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1. What is IBM App Connect in IBM Cloud?

2. Which of the following aggregates logs in IBM Log Analysis with LogDNA?

3. A regional customer would like to migrate their VMware workloads to IBM Cloud with an emphasis on a lower cost resiliency model to protect against approximately 48 hours of localized outages. The customer currently uses Veeam.

What is the recommendation?

4. 1.What is the first customer-u address assuming a VPC subnet has the CIDR range

5. Which of the following two databases are integrated with IBM Cloud Hyper Protect Crypto Services?

6. What is the correct architectural network topology in IBM Cloud?

7. Which of the following IBM Cloud Paks provides Al capabilities?

8. When managing file storage in IBM Cloud, what are "Authorized" hosts?

9. Which of the following is the dedicated virtual software appliance that provides local load balancing on both the public and private IBM Cloud network?

10. Which statement best describes the Watson Tone Analyzer service?


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