Latest C1000-101 Exam Dumps [2022] To Prepare For IBM Cloud Professional Sales Engineer v1 Exam Well

Latest C1000-101 Exam Dumps [2022] To Prepare For IBM Cloud Professional Sales Engineer v1 Exam Well

The latest C1000-101 exam dumps of ITPrepare have been completed to help you prepare for the IBM Cloud Professional Sales Engineer v1 exam well. We offer you the latest IBM C1000-101 exam dumps, then you can test your skills for taking the IBM C1000-101 exam. The IBM certification C1000-101 exam dumps will give you real exam questions with the precise answers to show you the actual IBM Cloud Professional Sales Engineer v1 Exam. Practice C1000-101 exam dumps questions, you will get to know the actual C1000-101 exam clearly and take your IBM Cloud Professional Sales Engineer v1 C1000-101 exam confidently.

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1. Which component is represented by letter D in the displayed IBM VPC connectivity and security diagram?

2. To whom does the responsibility for security of a clients' environments in the IBM Cloud belong?

3. For IBM Cloud offerings, who has the responsibility for managing the lifecycle, operations, and security?

4. Who manages the master nodes in the IBM Kubernetes service?

5. For a client to get started using IBM Cloud Tutorials, which two items are considered must-have tools to be productive with IBM Cloud?

6. When talking to a customer about their needs, what is one of the important factors contributing to a positive sales experience?

7. After presenting a cloud native proof of concept, the customer was in agreement that the solution met the success criteria. However, the customer has not provided the final decision which they promised.

What Consultative Selling step should be used?

8. 1.Which IBM Cloud offering enables clients to provision an isolated environment in the IBM Public Cloud?

9. A client consumes 2TB of 2 IOPS/GB Endurance storage and 1TB o( 10 IOPS/GB Endurance storage.

What will the client spend monthly for the required storage if 2 IOPS storage costs S0.12/GB per month and 10 IOPS storage costs S0.48/GB per month?

10. A company has a high-performance application which runs on a custom developed operating system. The system requires additional resources based on an unexpected increase in workload. They have decided to replat form the application and to provide additional capacity before their customers are impacted.

Which IBM Cloud solution should they use?


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