IBM S1000-007 Exam Dumps – Good Dumps For Passing IBM AIX v7 Administrator Specialty Exam

IBM S1000-007 Exam Dumps – Good Dumps For Passing IBM AIX v7 Administrator Specialty Exam

Candidates who pass the S1000-007 exam to be IBM AIX V7 Administrator Specialty has acquired limited experience working with AIX V7. The key question is how to pass the IBM AIX v7 Administrator Specialty S1000-007 exam. The great experts of ITPrepare have worked hard to develop the S1000-007 exam preparation material in a pdf format to ensure that you can practice all the S1000-007 dumps questions and answers. We assure you that you will pass your IBM AIX v7 Administrator Specialty S1000-007 exam on the first try. For all, the IBM S1000-007 free dumps demo is available online. You are allowed to read them one by one and test the quality of ITPrepare’s IBM S1000-007 exam dumps.

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1. When configuring an LPAR profile, what is the meaning of CPU Entitlement?

2. An administrator has a test server (my host) that uses local name resolution. The administrator arrives late one morning and finds that their co-worker was asked to make some changes to the IP address of the server.

The co-worker used SMIT from the console, but then when testing from the console, the following command fails:

ping my_host

Why did the ping fail?

3. The administrator of an AIX NIM client system has accidentally removed the /etc/niminfo file.

Which method is used to rebuild the /etc/niminfo file?

4. Which command lists filesets that are below AIX V7.2 technology level 4?

5. A system administrator includes the values RES TIMEOUT=1 and RES_RETRY=1 in the /etc/environment file.

What is the effect of this change?

6. What is a benefit of using mksysb to backup a system?

7. What are three states a device can have when connected to an AIX system?

8. What AIX feature will allow data to be mirrored to a remote site?

9. 1.Which command should be used to perform a graceful shutdown and reboot of an AIX LPAR?

10. When the system boots it stops and displays reference code 551. This reference code means the rootvg will not varyon.

What is the best way for the administrator to proceed?


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