Pass C1000-142 With Valid Dumps To Earn IBM Certified Advocate – Cloud v2 Certification

Pass C1000-142 With Valid Dumps To Earn IBM Certified Advocate – Cloud v2 Certification

If you want to get the IBM Certified Advocate – Cloud v2 certification to prove you can describe the history and basic nature of cloud computing and distinguish between cloud services and deployment models, you need to pass C1000-142 exam successfully. Valid C1000-142 dumps are available with 232 practice exam questions online to help you prepare for the exam well. Just come to download C1000-142 IBM dumps pdf and start learning all these dumps questions and answers.

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1. Within the security and compliance center how are the IBM default property values overridden when a resource is provisioned in an account?

2. What is an advantage an enterprise would realize from using VPC?

3. Which of the following are types of Application virtualization? (Select Three)

4. After provisioning an instance of IBM Cloud Monitoring, a monitor agent must be installed on which of the following?

5. Which statement is true regarding Continuous Delivery pipelines?

6. Which part of IBM cloud park foundational services provides cluster administrators an at-a-glance overview of a cluster?

7. True Or False. Content Delivery Network is a distributed server network that delivers temporarily stored, or cached, copies of website content to users based on the users’ geographical location?

8. What tier of Object Storage class should be used where data is accessed only a few times per year?

9. 1.What is the IBM Cloud Hyper Protect DBaaS for MangoDB?

10. Which of the following are the characteristics of Block Storage?(Select Three)


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