Master Security, Specialist (JNCIS-SEC) Certification with Real Juniper JN0-335 Exam Dumps

Master Security, Specialist (JNCIS-SEC) Certification with Real Juniper JN0-335 Exam Dumps

The Security, Specialist (JNCIS-SEC) JN0-335 exam is perfect for you if you are a networking professional seeking to enhance your skills and advance your career in security technologies. Real Juniper JN0-335 exam dumps of ITPrepare are available for learning. Our JN0-335 dumps include 62 practice questions and answers, which enable you to assess your knowledge and identify areas that require improvement. The Juniper JN0-335 dumps pdf helps you to build your confidence and familiarize yourself with the exam format, ultimately increasing your chances of success.

Great way to check the real Juniper JN0-335 exam dumps with the following free dumps:

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1. Click the Exhibit button.

Using the information from the exhibit, which statement is correct?

2. You are asked to block malicious applications regardless of the port number being used

In this scenario, which two application security features should be used? (Choose two)

3. Click the Exhibit button

Referring to the exhibit, which two statements describe the type of proxy used? (Choose two.)

4. Which solution enables you to create security policies that include user and group information?

5. Which two statements are correct about SSL proxy server protection? (Choose two)

6. How does Juniper ATP Cloud protect a network from zero-day threats?

7. Click the Exhibit button.

When trying to set up a server protection SSL proxy, you receive the error shown in the exhibit

What are two reasons for this error? (Choose two)

8. Which two statements are correct about the Junos IPS feature? (Choose two)

9. While working on an SRX firewall, you execute the show security policies policy-name <name> detail command

Which function does this command accomplish?

10. Which two sources are used by Juniper Identity Management Service (JIMS) for collecting username and device IP address (Choose two.)


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