Ace Your Juniper JNCIS-MistAI Certification Exam with the Latest JN0-451 Exam Questions

Ace Your Juniper JNCIS-MistAI Certification Exam with the Latest JN0-451 Exam Questions

To achieve the Juniper JNCIS-MistAI certification, you need to pass the JN0-451 Mist AI – Specialist (JNCIS-MistAI) exam. You can use the right study materials to prepare for the JN0-451 exam well. That’s why we’re offering the latest JN0-451 exam questions, which are the best study guide to help you pass the Juniper JNCIS-MistAI exam with flying colors. Our JN0-451 exam questions cover all the topics you need to know to demonstrate your intermediate understanding of WLAN and Mist AI technology, features, and functionality. By using ITPrepare’s JN0-451 exam questions, you’ll make good preparation to tackle the JN0-451 exam and demonstrate your mastery of WLAN and Mist AI technology.

Come to check Juniper JN0-451 free demo questions below:

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1. Some users cannot connect to the network. You want to identify these users. In Marvis, which query accomplishes this task?

2. You are troubleshooting a client that has had intermittent connectivity problems. Using Marvis to troubleshoot, you see that AP uptime is negatively affecting the client.

When inspecting Marvis' troubleshooting response, which category should you select to see when the AP went offline?

3. What is the AP’s role in the IEEE 802.1X authentication process?

4. According to the 802.11 standard, how wide are 2.4 GHz band OFDM channels?

5. Which modulation method will result in the highest theoretical data rates?

6. Click the Exhibit button.

Referring to the exhibit, as part of the Throughput SLE in the Mist UI, the Coverage classifier indicates the signal strength of which device?

7. In which two layers of the OSI model are WLANs located? (Choose two.)

8. RF templates are assigned to which Mist configuration object?

9. A user with a PSK calls you and says, “The Wi-Fi worked for a week and now it does not work.” There have not been any recent configuration changes to the network. You suspect that a time-based setting has reset the key.

In this scenario, where would you begin troubleshooting?

10. You have deployed location services at a site and have installed an application which includes the Mist SDK on Bluetooth-only mobile client devices. The devices with the SDK-enabled app have Bluetooth enabled, but the devices do not appear in the Mist GUI under Clients/App Clients.

What is causing this problem?


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