Updated JN0-1362 Exam Dumps [2022] With Real Questions and Answers

Updated JN0-1362 Exam Dumps [2022] With Real Questions and Answers

Are you planning to take the JN0-1362 exam to complete the Service Provider Design, Specialist (JNCDS-SP) certification? This is the specialist level of the Juniper Design track, which is designed for networking professionals and designers with intermediate knowledge of service provider design, theory, and best practices. The JN0-1362 exam verifies your understanding of service provider design principles. Updated JN0-1362 exam dumps [2022] are great with real questions and answers, which could be your best study materials for Service Provider Design, Specialist (JNCDS-SP) exam learning.

You can read Juniper JN0-1362 free exam dumps below:

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1. Your company's automation team is testing a controller-based solution for dynamic LSP management They do not want the topology acquisition process to allow the controller to become a transit node of the core network's.

Which solution would fulfill the requirements?

2. As a service provider network architect, you are working with a potential customer who wants to replace their WAN, consisting of two data centers, one HQ, and 76 branch offices Due to application latency requirements between branch offices, the customer insists that all traffic must take the most optimal path through the service provider network. The customer intends to encrypt all traffic between customer routers at each location.

Which WAN technology would you propose in this scenario?

3. What are two benefits of including analytics in your network management design proposal? (Choose two.)

4. What are two network management benefits of using devices in your design proposals?

5. The operations team reports that the network is now so large that it has become a challenge to manually create and maintain RSVP LSPs. You want to provide the team with the capability to create LSPs using a graphical interface.

Which system should you use in this scenario?

6. Which three statements are true about class-of-service (CoS) schedulers? (Choose three )

7. Your organization expenenced a man-in-the-middle attack and must protect against future attacks.

In this scenario, what must you do to protect your network?

8. You are asked to provide a design proposal for a services provider’s core network. The network consists of both IPv2 and IPv4 addresses and must scale up to 50 core routing devices. As part of your design, you must in redundancy and ensure that future network expansion is easily incorporated.

In this scenario, which statement is correct regarding the BGP design?

9. You are developing a CoS policy for a service provider core network that In this scenario, which three statements are correct? (Choose three.)

10. Click the Exhibit button:

Referring to the exhibit, which mechanism is used to advertise routes from the enterprise network to the service provider network?


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