Correct Juniper JN0-636 Exam Questions and Answers Are Available

Correct Juniper JN0-636 Exam Questions and Answers Are Available

Earning Security, Professional (JNCIP-SEC) certification requires to pass the Juniper JN0-636 exam successfully. Juniper JN0-636 exam is really a quite important aspect of the Juniper JNCIP-SEC certification. Correct JN0-636 exam questions of ITPrepare with actual answers are available online to your learning materials. The latest Juniper JN0-636 exam questions will aid you a lot to prepare and help you pass the JN0-636 exam within the initial try.

You can come here to read JN0-636 free demo questions first:

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1. Your Source NAT implementation uses an address pool that contains multiple IPv4 addresses Your users report that when they establish more than one session with an external application, they are prompted to authenticate multiple times External hosts must not be able to establish sessions with internal network hosts

What will solve this problem?

2. Your company wants to use the Juniper Seclntel feeds to block access to known command and control servers, but they do not want to use Security Director to manage the feeds.

Which two Juniper devices work in this situation? (Choose two)

3. Exhibit

You are trying to configure an IPsec tunnel between SRX Series devices in the corporate office and branch1. You have committed the configuration shown in the exhibit, but the IPsec tunnel is not establishing.

In this scenario, what would solve this problem.

4. 1.SRX Series device enrollment with Policy Enforcer fails To debug further, the user issues the following commandshow configuration services security―intelligence url

and receives the following output:

What is the problem in this scenario?

5. Regarding IPsec CoS-based VPNs, what is the number of IPsec SAs associated with a peer based upon?

6. Exhibit

You are implementing filter-based forwarding to send traffic from the network through ISP-1 while sending all other traffic through your connection to ISP-2. Your ge-0/0/1 interface connects to two networks, including the network. You have implemented the configuration shown in the exhibit. The traffic from the network is being forwarded as expected to, however traffic from the other network ( is not being forwarded to the upstream neighbor.

In this scenario, which action will solve this problem?

7. You want to identify potential threats within SSL-encrypted sessions without requiring SSL proxy to decrypt the session contents.

Which security feature achieves this objective?

8. Exhibit

The exhibit shows a snippet of a security flow trace.

In this scenario, which two statements are correct? (Choose two.)

9. What is the purpose of the Switch Microservice of Policy Enforcer?

10. Exhibit

Referring to the exhibit, which statement is true?


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