VMware Horizon 8.x 2V0-51.21 Exam Dumps – Right Preparation Resource For VMware 2V0-51.21 Exam

VMware Horizon 8.x 2V0-51.21 Exam Dumps – Right Preparation Resource For VMware 2V0-51.21 Exam

Using the right preparation exam resource is an effective way to prepare for your exam. VMware Horizon 8.x 2V0-51.21 exam dumps of ITPrepare are available as the right exam preparation materials to help you achieve success. ITPrepare offers the VMware 2V0-51.21 exam dumps pdf file to help you learn all those dumps questions and answers on your Mobile Phone, PC, and Tablet. If you have put your best effort into studying with our VMware VCP-DTM 2022 2V0-51.21 exam dumps, you will certainly get success in the Professional VMware Horizon 8.X certification exam.

Below are the free VMware 2V0-51.21 dumps questions demo for reading:

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1. A user reports that sometimes they have issues using their remote desktops and published applications.

What three pieces of information should be collected to troubleshoot the issue? (Choose three.)

2. Users need to be able to log into Workspace ONE Access and connect to remote desktops and applications without having to provide Active Directory credentials.

Which Horizon component needs to be deployed to allow this functionality?

3. An administrator needs to deploy an application to specific users in their instant-clone desktop environment with the following characteristics:

- The application needs to be updated very frequently.

- The application needs to be installed as soon as possible.

- The application is not multi-user aware.

Which solution would meet the requirements?

4. What are three valid options to store Horizon events? (Choose three.)

5. An administrator has added a support PCI graphics accelerator to a virtual machine configuration .

Which the administrator tries to power on the virtual machine, an error is displayed and the virtual machine remains powered off.

Which of the following virtual machine configuration settings needs to be applied to enable the virtual machine to power on?

6. 1.An administrator configured a virtual machine to use an NVIDIA card but the virtual machine is not starting up.

What could be the cause of the issue? (Choose two.)

7. An administrator wants to ensure that user’s desktop experience is consistent regardless of the desktop they connect to.

What solution should be used to meet the requirement?

8. An end-user complains that their logon time has increased dramatically. A Administrator open the VMware Logon folder to troubleshoot the issue, but it does not contain log files for the reported session.

What could be the cause of this issue?

9. Which Horizon feature provides high availability desktops across datacenters?

10. Which of the following statements are true about Application Profiler?


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