Get Certified in VMware NSX-T Data Center Security with ITPrepare’s 5V0-41.21 Exam Questions

Get Certified in VMware NSX-T Data Center Security with ITPrepare’s 5V0-41.21 Exam Questions

Are you looking to validate your understanding of network security concepts and administration of VMware’s NSX-T Data Center security solutions? Then the VMware NSX-T Data Center Security Skills badge is the perfect certification for you. ITPrepare makes the VMware NSX-T Data Center Security Skills exam preparation process easier for you with their 5V0-41.21 exam questions. These questions are valid, updated, and based on the real 5V0-41.21 exam, ensuring that you are fully prepared for the final VMware NSX-T Data Center 3.1 Security 5V0-41.21 exam. ITPrepare’s 5V0-41.21 Exam Questions are the key to your success in the VMware 5V0-41.21 exam.

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1. An administrator has enabled the "logging" option on a specific firewall rule. The administrator does not see messages on the Logging Server related to this firewall rule.

What could be causing the issue?

2. 1.Which three are required by URL Analysis? (Choose three.)

3. When configuring members of a Security Group, which membership criteria art permitted?

4. An administrator wants to use Distributed Intrusion Detection.

How is this implemented in an NSX-T Data Center?

5. A security administrator is required to protect East-West virtual machine traffic with the NSX Distributed Firewall.

What must be completed with the virtual machine's vNIC before applying the rules?

6. Which three are required to configure a firewall rule on a getaway to allow traffic from the internal to web servers? (Choose three.)

7. In a brownfield environment with NSX-T Data Center deployed and configured, a customer is interested in Endpoint Protection integrations.

What recommendation should be provided to the customer when it comes to their existing virtual machines?

8. Which are two use-cases for the NSX Distributed Firewall'(Choose two.)

9. An NSX administrator is trying to find the dvfilter name of the sa-web-01 virtual machine to capture the sa-web-01 VM traffic.

What could be a reason the sa-web-01 VM dvfilter name is missing from the command output?

10. A security administrator is verifying the health status of an NSX Service Instance.

Which two parameters must be functioning for the health status to show as Up? (Choose two.)


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