Valid 5V0-11.21 Dumps PDF For VMware Cloud on AWS Master Specialist Exam Preparation

Valid 5V0-11.21 Dumps PDF For VMware Cloud on AWS Master Specialist Exam Preparation

It would be best if you had the correct preparation to make sure that you can pass the VMware Cloud on AWS Master Specialist 5V0-11.21 exam successfully. How about choosing the valid 5V0-11.21 dumps from ITPrepare? The VMware 5V0-11.21 dumps pdf of ITPrepare contains 65 practice exam questions and answers based on the exact exam objectives to boost your preparation for the VMware Cloud on AWS Master Specialist certification exam. We have full confidence that the valid 5V0-11.21 dumps are comprehensive with 100% true exam questions and answers to make sure you are going to have the ability to demonstrate your knowledge in VMware Cloud on AWS Master Specialist exam on your very first try.

Before downloading the 5V0-11.21 dumps pdf, we have 5V0-11.21 free dumps online for reading:

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1. A new VMware Cloud on AWS customer has previously deployed a VMware Horizon-based VDI solution into their data centerto support their remote developer workforce. Due to unforeseen growth, the company needs to quickly expand their remote workforce. The growth will consume any forecast capacity in the VDI solution and, therefore, additional capacity is now required. The VDI solution service owner would like the solution to support the ability to quickly scale in/out to provide additional capacity based on demand.

Which three steps should the administrator take to scale out the VDI solution? (Choose three.)

2. A customer is running a software-defined data center (SDDC) in the US-West-1 region and wants to connect the workload network segment to their on-premises data center and their company Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) running in US-West-1.

Which two supported connectivity options can they use to accomplish this? (Choose two.)

3. What is the maximum Gbps of bandwidth that each AWS Elastic Network Adapter (ENA) provides on a i3.metal host?

4. An administrator is trying to identify how many hosts will be required to evacuate a cluster from an existing data center and relocate those workloads into VMware Cloud on AWS. The cluster runs a variety of workloads for the corporate customer relationship management system.

Which three profiles could the administrator create in the VMware Cloud on AWS Sizer? (Choose three.)

5. What are three valid migration modes in VMware HCX? (Choose three.)

6. Which three statements are true about the Elastic DRS Optimize for Rapid Scale-Out policy? (Choose three.)

7. 1.The Tier-O (TO) router will send northbound packets through which device?

8. A company is operating a main data center and two smaller data centers in branch offices. The main data center is being replicated to a disaster recovery site at a co-located data center with a recovery point objective (RPO) of five minutes and a recovery time objective (RTO) of two hours. The branch data centers are shipping backup tapes to the main data center on a weekly basis.

What would be a cost-efficient VMware solution that would improve RTO and RPO for the branch office data centers while maintaining the recovery time for the main data center?

9. Which statement is true regarding how vSphere High Availability (HA) provides rapid recovery from outages in VMware Cloud on AWS?

10. An administrator deploys a virtual machine and configures it to perform backups to an AWS Simple Storage Service (S3) bucket. After the first month of use, the administrator receives a bill from AWS indicating egress charges were applied to the backup traffic leaving the software-defined data center (SDCC), destined for the AWS S3 bucket.

What can the administrator do to ensure backup traffic travels to the linked Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) through the Elastic Network Interface?


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