Professional VMware vRealize Automation 8.3 2V0-31.21 Exam Dumps Updated

Professional VMware vRealize Automation 8.3 2V0-31.21 Exam Dumps Updated

There is no need to worry about your success in Professional VMware vRealize Automation 8.3 2V0-31.21 exam if you have learned the updated VMware 2V0-31.21 exam dumps. The VMware 2V0-31.21 dumps (V10.02) are available online, at ITPrepare, you can have the 2V0-31.21 pdf file to learn all the latest exam questions and answers. The great team updated the 2V0-31.21 dumps according to the Professional VMware vRealize Automation 8.3 exam syllabus in mind and experts keep on updating them from time to time. Candidates who choose ITPrepare have the best chance to clear the 2V0-31.21 exam on the first attempt.

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1. An administrator successfully creates a new cloud template in Cloud Assembly for the DevOps project. The administrator is ready to publish the cloud template so that the DevOps team can use the catalog for self-service requests.

The administrator is trying to import the cloud template into Service Broker through the correct content source type. After creating the content source, the administrator cannot find the new cloud template listed in order to import it.

What might be the cause of this issue? (Choose the best answer.)

2. When deploying the SaltStack Config service using vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager, which construct is automatically created in Cloud Assembly to assist in deploying SaltStack Config minions using cloud templates?

3. Which vRealize Suite product helps an administrator understand the monetary impact of deployments and manage costs in vRealize Automation? (Choose the best answer.)

4. An administrator is trying to create a new set of image mappings that will map to vSphere templates that have been added to an existing vCenter Server cloud account. When the administrator tries to select the Windows Server 2016 image, nothing appears on the list. The administrator has confirmed that the vSphere template exists in the correct location within vCenter Server.

Which action should the administrator take to be able to create the new image mapping? (Choose the best answer.)

5. What is the main difference between vRealize Orchestrator non-persistent logs and persistent logs? (Choose the best answer.)

6. Which statement is true for vRealize Automation multi-organization tenant configuration?

7. The administrator has installed SaltStack Config using the "edu" tenant from vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager.

How would the administrator access the SaltStack Config service?

8. 1.An enterprise organization has a library of Terraform configurations for creating and managing its infrastructure resources.

What enhanced capability will be introduced by leveraging the vRealize Automation Terraform Service? (Choose the best answer.)

9. Which two public cloud accounts are supported for vRealize Automation? (Choose two.)

10. Which vRealize Automation service is available through an external appliance in vRealize Automation Cloud? (Choose the best answer.)


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