Updated 5V0-22.21 Practice Questions To Help You Achieve VMware Certified Specialist – vSAN 2022 Certification

Updated 5V0-22.21 Practice Questions To Help You Achieve VMware Certified Specialist – vSAN 2022 Certification

You can choose the updated 5V0-22.21 practice questions to help yourselves achieve VMware Certified Specialist – vSAN 2022 certification. We know the VMware Certified Specialist – vSAN 2022 certification is to prove the candidates are able to install and configure vSAN. They are also capable of managing and monitoring a vSAN and performing basic troubleshooting and problem resolution. The most updated 5V0-22.21 practice questions with the correct answers of ITPrepare could be the best preparation materials for achieving VMware Certified Specialist – vSAN 2022 certification.

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1. Which Storage Policy Structure Rule is supported by vSAN Direct Datastore?

2. A vSAN administrator is tasked to perform an upgrade of a vSAN cluster from 7.0 to 7.0 U2, including firmware and drivers for its hardware. The vSAN administrator already created an image using vSphere Lifecycle Manager (vLCM).

Prior to selecting Start Remediation, which step should be taken to upgrade the complete vSAN cluster as a single task?

3. A vSAN administrator is using the vSAN ReadyNode Sizer to build a new environment. While entering the cluster configurations, a fellow colleagues inquire about the Operations Reserve option.

What is the purpose of using this option?

4. A 5-node vSAN cluster contains multiple virtual machines, and a vSAN storage policy with the rule “Failures to tolerate” set to “1 failure - RAID-5 (Erasure Coding)” is assigned. A vSAN administrator has changed the rile in the assigned policy to “2 failures - RAID-6 (Erasure Coding)”.

What is the result of this change?

5. After a recent data loss event, the IT department plans to deploy a DR site using vSphere Replication with vSAN providing the storage backend.

The architect would like to know how many components will be created based on the following configuration:

✑ 2x 100 GB VMDK

✑ RAID 1 vSAN Storage Policy

✑ 4x Point in Time snapshots

How many components will be created?

6. The DevOps team of an organization wants to deploy their new cloud native application with persistent storage on a dedicated vSAN cluster. The storage administrator is tasked to configure the vSAN cluster and leverage the vSAN Direct feature.

Which two requirements must the administrator meet to complete this task? (Choose two.)

7. Which option, if any, is the default option to enable Maintenance Mode on a vSAN host?

8. A new host with local storage devices has been added to a vSAN cluster. Now, the administrator would like to increase the capacity of the vSAN datastore.

What must be done to the new host to accomplish this goal?

9. A host in the cluster experiences a permanent NIC failure, and the replacement part will not arrive until the next morning. The administrator needs to ensure the availability of the production workload at all times.

Which step should be taken by the administrator to meet this goal?

10. During yesterday’s business hours, a cache drive failed on one of the vSAN nodes. The administrator reached out to the manufacturer and received a replacement drive the following day. When the drive failed, vSAN started a resync to ensure the health of data, and all objects are showing a healthy and compliant state. The vSAN administrator needs to replace the failed cache drive.

Which set of steps should the vSAN administrator take?


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