SAP BusinessObjects Exam C_BOBIP_43 Real Dumps Questions

SAP BusinessObjects Exam C_BOBIP_43 Real Dumps Questions

SAP Certified Application Associate – SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform 4.3 C_BOBIP_43 exam is an important SAP exam, which tests your skills and fundamental knowledge in designing, deploying and running SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform 4.3. Choosing online resources is highly recommended while planning to attend the actual SAP C_BOBIP_43 exam. Practice SAP BusinessObjects Exam C_BOBIP_43 Real Dumps Questions more, pass easier.

Free C_BOBIP_43 Dumps Questions Are Below For Testing By Yourself

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1. You want to refresh a Web Intelligence document in a 3-tier mode.

Which server is required?

2. Which object is retrieved from the Input File Repository Server when you refresh a Web Intelligence document?

3. Which server processes Visual Difference?

4. When you configure the BI platform to use Enterprise authentication, where are the credentials stored?

5. You want users belonging to a group called "Sales" to view report instances in a folder called "Asia".

Where do you grant these rights?

6. User1 scheduled, ran, and viewed the first page of an instance of a Crystalreport. User2 can view the first page of the report as well. However, when User2 tries to view the second page of the report, an error message is displayed.

Which server could be the cause?

7. Which server can access the reporting data sources directly?

8. What tool do you use to apply a predefined deployment template to your system?

9. Which actions does the Server Intelligence Agent (SIA) perform during start-up? Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question.

10. Which server processes platform search service requests?


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