SAP Certification Preparation Materials C_PO_7521 Dumps

SAP Certification Preparation Materials C_PO_7521 Dumps

C_PO_7521 SAP Certified Technology Associate – SAP Process Orchestration certification exam helps you step into IT area to validate that you know the necessary tools, processes and basics for creating orchestration processes using Java technology. To find one of the best SAP certification preparation materials to prepare for SAP certification C_PO_7521 exam well now. C_PO_7521 dumps help in demonstrating that you are eagerly interested, dedicated, and motivated toward your desired task.

C_PO_7521 Free Dumps Online For Testing

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1. The COMMIT WORK statement is required in another function module to write data in the database.

Determine whether this statement is true or false.

2. The Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) receiver adapter requires the ... for its functioning. Choose the correct answer.

3. In which of the execution types is the function executed only once internally? Choose the correct answer.

4. Whichmessages are displayed within the Business Logs? Choose the correct answer.

5. You choose ... on the System Landscape Directory (SLD) initial screen to display the products and the software components along with their version. Choose the correct answer.

6. What do application rules define? Choose the correct answer.

7. You have a scenario with an inbound asynchronous Webservice call and you must produce an output file in aspecified folder with the name carried inside a field of the payload of the incoming message. You need to create the Dynamic Configuration variable that can be used by the File receiver adapter in order to set the filename.

What can you use to implement this? Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question.

8. Which event pauses and waits for callback response from outside the process before resuming?

9. What provides detailed information about available processes? Choose the correct answer.

10. Which of the following interface technologies use Web service technology? Choose the correct answer.


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