Free SAP P_SECAUTH_21 Dumps Questions – Read Online To Check P_SECAUTH_21 Dumps

Free SAP P_SECAUTH_21 Dumps Questions – Read Online To Check P_SECAUTH_21 Dumps

P_SECAUTH_21 SAP Certified Technology Professional – System Security Architect certification exam is one of SAP professional certification exams, which is the certification to prove that the candidate has an advanced understanding within the Technology Consultant profile and is able to apply these skills practically and provide guidance in SAP project implementations in the role of a SAP Security Architect. SAP P_SECAUTH_21 Dumps are available with actual dumps questions and answers for good preparation. ITPrepare always keeps candidates up to date with the SAP P_SECAUTH_21 exam areas. Anyone who has registered with ITPrepare P_SECAUTH_21 Dumps gets exclusive access to the updated version of all the valid exam questions.

Below are the P_SECAUTH_21 Free Dumps for testing and reading online:

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1. What reference is used to connect multiple Cloud Connectors to one SAP Cloud Platform subaccount?

2. You have delimited a single role which is part of a composite role, and a user comparison for the composite role has been performed. You notice that the comparison did NOT remove the profile assignments for that single role .

What program would you run to resolve this situation?

3. What are characteristics only valid for the MDC high isolation mode?

4. Currently, transports into your SAP system are not scanned automatically. To avoid the import of non-secure programs, you have implemented the strategy to set up a virus scanner using a script to automatically scan for the malicious programs .

What is the valid fi e format where data files are first converted into and then checked by a virus scanner?

5. A system user created a User1 and a schema on the HANA database with some data.

User2 is developing modelling views and requires access to objects in User1's schema.

What needs to be done?

6. Why do you use table logging in AS ABAP?

7. Which of the objects do you assign to an SAP Fiori tile to make it visible in the SAP Fiori Launchpad? Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question.

8. 1.A user reports an issue with data not showing up in the visualization of the SAP Fiori tiles. You want to verify the target mapping.

At what level are you going to check the target mapping?

9. Which basis transaction provides an optimized user interface for evaluating authorization checks only?

10. SNC is configured in the production system. For emergency purposes, you want to allow certain accounts to be able to access the system with password logon .

What do you need to set up for this purpose? Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question.


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