SAP Business One Release 10.0 C_TB1200_10 Latest Exam Questions

SAP Business One Release 10.0 C_TB1200_10 Latest Exam Questions

C_TB1200_10 SAP Certified Application Associate – SAP Business One Release 10.0 is a popular SAP certification exam, which is available in multiple languages, including German, English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese. Candidates from all over of the world choose to be a SAP Business One Release 10.0 certified to pvove they are able to work under the guidance of an experienced consultant to implement their first SAP Business One implementation project. SAP C_TB1200_10 latest exam questions are available online to be the preparation materials for practicing SAP Business One Release 10.0 C_TB1200_10 exam,

Free SAP C_TB1200_10 Exam Questions Below For Testing:

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1. In the customer's business process, the sales manager needs to be Informed of any discount over 5%. Any discount over 10% requires sign-off by a Vice President (VP).

How can you set this up?

2. Which marketing document is required in the purchasing process?

3. The sales price list is based on the purchase price list with a factor of 1.5. A range of items in the sales price list were reprised using the Prices Update Wizard. Later, when the purchase price for one of these items changed, the item's price in the sales price list was NOT updated according to the factor.

What could be the reason?

4. The accountant added a new G/L account for employee bonuses. In the journal entry window, this new account does NOT appear in the list of accounts.

What could be the reason?

5. Query Manager allows you to save user queries in categories.

What is the purpose of a category? Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question.

6. What does the system create automatically when you add a new cost center?

7. You have a business partner that is both a customer and a vendor.

Where can you easily check the consolidated total debt of the customer and the connected vendor?

8. User-defined values can be added to which type of fields?

9. You created sales quotations for three leads. One of the quotations was accepted with thecondition that delivery be made today.

What action do you need to take before you can create a delivery document for this sales quotation?

10. You are browsing documents and encounter a document with the status Draft for Document Update [Pending].

What does this mean in the context of an approval process?


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