Pass SAP Lumira Designer 2.4 Exam Successfully With Latest C_LUMIRA_24 Dumps

Pass SAP Lumira Designer 2.4 Exam Successfully With Latest C_LUMIRA_24 Dumps

Pass SAP Certified Application Associate – SAP Lumira Designer 2.4 certification exam with the latest C_LUMIRA_24 dumps now. We have released the latest dumps questions to help you prepare for SAP C_LUMIRA_24 exam well. So prior to taking the SAP Certified Application Associate certification C_LUMIRA_24 dumps with actual questions and answers that will give you anedge on other exam candidates.

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1. Why this needs to be created a new document that will contain the data and visualization of acquired data?

2. When acquiring new data set using CSV file, which of the following option you use to select number and date format?

3. You can save a chart in Lumira by going to properties and copy it to Clipboard .

Which of the following is not a correct export size

option you can select to send it in email?

4. Which symbol indicates that binding is available for a property?

5. SAP Lumira server uses which of the following component of HANA system to use SAP HANA platform?

6. In which database/language the data source gets created? Note: There are two correct answers in this question.

7. When you open SAP Lumira, which of the following is not a valid tab in Lumira?

8. Where you can check all the connections for an existing application and document associated with each connection and you can change the data source for an existing connection?

9. SAP Lumira server via mobile can be accessed by which of the OS platform?

10. Which of the following can be used to download SAP Lumira server?


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