Real Professional Scrum Product Owner PSPO-II Exam Questions

Real Professional Scrum Product Owner PSPO-II Exam Questions

Professional Scrum Product Owner II PSPO-II certification validates your understanding of advanced Professional Scrum Product Ownership, the Scrum framework, and delivering valuable products. You do not need to worry about the PSPO-II exam preparation, just choose the real PSPO-II exam questions to learn all the items before attending the actual PSPO-II exam. Choose the best type of Professional Scrum Product Owner II PSPO-II exam dumps questions and start this career booster journey.

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1. When there are multiple Scrum Teams working on the same product, each team should demonstrate its individual Increment in a separate branch of the code.

2. Which two statements are the most accurate in regards to scaling Scrum for large projects that require multiple Scrum Teams? (choose the best two answers)

3. Which activities will a Product Owner likely engage in during a Sprint? (choose the best three answers)

4. You want to improve your team’s Ability to Innovate.

Which of the following actions might help? (choose the best answer)

5. The Product Owner has the final say on if an Increment is Done. Choose the best answer

6. A team works on 4 different products, splitting their time between them because none of the products has enough work to warrant a dedicated team.

What strategy on how they use their time would potentially deliver the most value to customers over time? (choose the best answer)

7. Which statement best describes the Sprint Review? Choose the best answer

8. A Visionary Product Owner tends to: (choose the best answer)

9. An organisation has a large number of products and is unsure about how to allocate funding across the products.

Which of the following is the best way for them to proceed?

10. When the Product Backlog is updated? (choose the best answer)


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