Professional Scrum Master III PSM III Exam Questions and Answers

Professional Scrum Master III PSM III Exam Questions and Answers

After completing the Professional Scrum Master I (PSM I) and Professional Scrum Master II (PSM II) exams, you may need to continue to take the Professional Scrum Master III (PSM III) exam. The Scrum PSM III exam tests your ability as a Scrum Master in a variety of complex team and organizational situations. To help you learn more, we have the PSM III exam dumps with actual questions and answers for preparation. We provide great PSM III exam questions to help you prepare for the Professional Scrum Master III exam well.

Before getting the PSM III exam questions, you can read PSM III free demo first:

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1. The Product Owner of your team has noticed several developers from the Scrum team are working together on backlog items. He expresses concern that this "pair programming" will negatively impact the amount of work being done.

What do you do?

2. In 2020 was released a new version of the Scrum Guide, and now it presents the term accountability. The Scrum Guide says " The entire Scrum Team is accountable for creating a valuable, useful Increment every Sprint. Scrum defines three specific accountabilities within the Scrum Team: the Developers, the Product Owner, and the Scrum Master.".

In case a Sprint Goal becomes obsolete, who has the authority to cancel the Sprint?

3. A team decides their current Sprint length of 30 days is too short. They are overhauling an entire platform and some work just takes more time. They increase their Sprint length to two months.

From Scrum's perspective, what are the first most likely consequences of this decision? (choose the 4 best answers)

4. 1.Which of these are Scrum Artifacts and which one posses commitment? (choose the 3 answers)

5. In Scrum, we use the term "Forecast" when planning.

Why is that?

6. It has been a year, a new product is under development and you joined the Scrum Team as their Scrum Master. The product is working software that has been delivered each sprint, but not released to the market. Recent pressure from within the organization and Stakeholders is forcing a release two months from now. The Product Owner feels this is premature as the work to be done before she has confidence in a release, is forecast to take at least six months. She appears quite distressed.

What advice or help, in line with Scrum, can you offer? (choose the 2 best answers)

7. Can Scrum work in an organization where products are built with time, scope and budget being determined beforehand? (choose the 3 best answers)

8. Agility often requires a change in organizational culture and how individuals, teams, and those around them behave.

Which of the following statements would enable positive change? (choose all that apply)

9. Can a Scrum Master or a Product Owner also serve as a Developer on a Scrum Team?

10. When the Scrum Values are embodied and lived by the Scrum Team, the Scrum pillars of transparency, inspection, and adaptation come to life. This increases something fundamental to all Scrum implementations.

What is it? (choose the best answer)


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