Original Professional Scrum Developer Study Guide For Learning: Valid PSD-I Exam Dumps

Original Professional Scrum Developer Study Guide For Learning: Valid PSD-I Exam Dumps

Are you still looking for valid study materials to prepare for the Professional Scrum Developer (PSD) exam? ITPrepare provides a comprehensive overview of the original PSD study guide and valid PSD-I exam dumps to help you pass the Professional Scrum Developer (PSD) exam with confidence. It outlines the key advantages of using this study guide and provides helpful tips on how to make the most of it. All the PSD-I dumps questions of ITPrepare will explain the key topics covered, including Scrum techniques, Agile principles, and DevOps practices, as well as the exam preparation resources available.

Free Scrum PSD-I Demo Questions Are Available Below To Help You Check First

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1. Which of the following describes the focus of the first way of DevOps?

2. Who decides the System Architecture of a Product developed using Scrum?

3. Which best describes the Product Backlog? (choose the best answer)

4. A team has expressed requirements as a set of failing Acceptance Tests.

What are three benefits? (choose best three answers)

5. Developers are blocked by an impediment in the middle of the Sprint. The impediment is outside the Developer's control.

What should they do?

6. A Development Team selects a set of Product Backlog Items for a Sprint Backlog with the intent to get the selected items "Done" by the end of the Sprint.

Which three phrases best describe the purpose of a Definition of Done? (choose the best three answers)

7. True or False: Cross-functional teams are optimized to work on one technical layer of a system only (e.g. GUI, database, middle tier, interfaces).

8. Continuous Integration (CI) provides the following advantages: (select all that apply)

9. 1.The Daily Scrum event happens every day.

What would be three concerns if the frequency were to be lowered to every two to three days?

10. When using Scrum can a Scrum Team use Continuous Delivery?


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