Professional Scrum Master™ II (PSM II) Dumps – Good Materials To Pass PSM II Exam

Professional Scrum Master™ II (PSM II) Dumps – Good Materials To Pass PSM II Exam

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1. During the implementation of an item in the Sprint Backlog, a conflict arises between team members about what work is needed to make the item ‘done’. Some say it is a part of the Definition of Done and others say it isn’t. Steven, the Scrum Master, observes a debate forming and members beginning to take sides.

What is the best action for Steven to take?

2. What would likely happen if management only changed the organization’s current terminology to fit Scrum without the proper understanding and support of Scrum as defined in the Scrum Guide?

3. 1.A Scrum Master is not only a servant-leader to the Scrum Team and organization, it’s also considered a management position.

Which three activities describe what a Scrum Master manages as reflected by the Scrum Guide? (Choose three.)

4. Individual Development Team members have been approaching Steven, the Scrum Master, to complain about Chris. Chris has the most experience on the system they are building. He often questions the choices team members make in design and architecture making them feel bad.

What are two good ways for Steven to address this problem? (Choose two.)

5. Which three statements best describe the purpose of having a Definition of Done? (Choose three.)

6. Which statement best describes Scrum?

7. Steven is a Scrum Master for three different teams building a single product from the same Product Backlog. Development Team members from each team have approached Steven complaining that their teams need Nicole, an external specialist, to commit full time for their next Sprint.

Which three acceptable solutions would Steven consider? (Choose three.)

8. Paul, a Product Owner of one of the Scrum Teams, has been attending the Daily Scrum. During the Daily Scrum, the Development Team members have been reporting their daily work to Paul so that he is aware of their Sprint progress and what each member is working on.

What is the best action for the Scrum Master to take?

9. An organization has just hired you as a new Scrum Master to help them transition their teams from their current traditional process to Scrum. The teams are currently structured to specialize in a single function. This is also known as component teams where a team would only address a single layer (i.e. design, frontend, backend, database, testing, etc.). You’ve introduced the concept of cross-functional teams where all the skills needed to produce business functionality, from end to end, are inside of a single team.

What should you keep in mind when transitioning from siloed teams to cross-functional teams? (Choose two.)

10. During the Sprint Review, the Product Owner decides to release the current Increment to production. The stakeholders suggest temporarily delaying the next Sprint in order to respond more quickly to user feedback after the release. The Product Owner prefers to continue to the next Sprint and make progress towards the next release. Steven, the Scrum Master, begins facilitating the discussion.

What would be two acceptable outcomes of the discussion? (Choose two.)


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