Pass Scrum PAL-EBM Exam with PAL-EBM Practice Exam: Prove Your Knowledge of Evidence-Based Management

Pass Scrum PAL-EBM Exam with PAL-EBM Practice Exam: Prove Your Knowledge of Evidence-Based Management

The Professional Agile Leadership – Evidence Based Management (PAL-EBM) is a popular Scrum certification, which helps you prove your knowledge of evidence-based management. ITPrepare will offer advice on how to pass the PAL-EBM exam using our PAL-EBM practice exam. You will learn the importance of understanding evidence-based management principles, the best ways to prepare for the exam, and tips for passing the exam with flying colors. We have everything you need to prove your knowledge of evidence-based management and obtain the PAL-EBM certification.

Below are the PAL-EBM exam dumps questions demo, you can check first:

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1. A company is trying to evaluate how happy their existing investors and stakeholders are. They are also trying to see if their happiness is improving or declining? Which KVA should they analyze? (Choose one)

2. Which of the following statements are true about Evidence Based Management (EBM)? (Choose all that apply)

3. As low-value features and systemic impediments accumulate, more budget and time is consumed maintaining the product or overcoming impediments, reducing A2I (Ability to Innovate).

4. An organization has one single product it has been working on for years. The product is making a profits; however, the Sale Manager advises Charles, the Product Owner, to reduce the price to attract more customers. The Financial Director argues that this may harm the company revenue.

What sources should Charles use to decide the product's pricing strategy?

5. Which of the following is NOT a good reason to keep a team together for an extended period of time?

6. Reducing the number of features in a product release can dramatically improve Time-To-Market.

7. What are the different categories of organizational measures?

8. For the last few releases, your product's sales have not improved and not met your revenue projections.

Which measure would be most helpful in understanding the problem? (Choose the best answer)

9. A company in Germany uses NPS (Net Promoter Score) to understand the customers' satisfaction levels. Every year it sends a customer survey to the clients asking them if they would recommend the product to other. The team had invested a lot of time and effort creating and delivering a product increment that includes many new product features. This year, when the company sends out the survey and the NPS score still does not improve.

What other measures can help the company to better understand this outcome? (Choose the best two answers)

10. Using the four key value area's, EBM examines: (Choose all that apply)


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