CompTIA Linux+ XK0-005 Study Guide Updated – Pass Exam Successfully

CompTIA Linux+ XK0-005 Study Guide Updated – Pass Exam Successfully

ITPrepare gives a quick and industrial-recognized way to pass your CompTIA Linux+ certification exam. The updated CompTIA Linux+ XK0-005 study guide is available online with real exam questions and answers based on the latest CompTIA Linux+ exam objectives. The CompTIA Linux+ XK0-005 exam dumps of ITPrepare are the real CompTIA XK0-005 questions and answers that will repeat in the upcoming XK0-005 exam and you can quickly solve all questions before time.

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1. A systems engineer is adding a new 1GB XFS filesystem that should be temporarily mounted under /ops/app.

Which of the following is the correct list of commands to achieve this goal?





2. A developer is trying to install an application remotely that requires a graphical interface for installation. The developer requested assistance to set up the necessary environment variables along with X11 forwarding in SSH.

Which of the following environment variables must be set in remote shell in order to launch the graphical interface?

3. A Linux administrator created the directory /project/access2all. By creating this directory, the administrator is trying to avoid the deletion or modification of files from non-owners.

Which of the following will accomplish this goal?

4. A Linux system is failing to start due to issues with several critical system processes.

Which of the following options can be used to boot the system into the single user mode? (Choose two.)

5. A Linux engineer needs to download a ZIP file and wants to set the nice of value to -10 for this new process.

Which of the following commands will help to accomplish the task?

6. A systems administrator created a web server for the company and is required to add a tag for the API so end users can connect.

Which of the following would the administrator do to complete this requirement?

7. 1.Which of the following tools is BEST suited to orchestrate a large number of containers across many different servers?

8. A Linux administrator modified the SSH configuration file.

Which of the following commands should be used to apply the configuration changes?

9. A cloud engineer needs to launch a container named web-01 in background mode.

Which of the following commands will accomplish this task''

10. A Linux administrator is tasked with creating resources using containerization. When deciding how to create this type of deployment, the administrator identifies some key features, including portability, high availability, and scalability in production.

Which of the following should the Linux administrator choose for the new design?


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