CompTIA A+ 220-1102 Study Guide Updated – The Current Version Is 220-1102 Exam Dumps (V10.02)

CompTIA A+ 220-1102 Study Guide Updated – The Current Version Is 220-1102 Exam Dumps (V10.02)

One can have the exact 220-1102 study guide to complete the CompTIA A+ certification exam. ITPrepare has updated the 220-1102 study guide, the current version is 220-1102 exam dumps V10.02 with 118 practice exam questions, all the answers have been verified by the successful experts and customers. If you learn all these CompTIA A+ 220-1102 dumps questions, then you do not have to worry about your success in the 220-1102 exam. These 220-1102 exam dumps are enough for you to pass the 220-1102 exam in one go with excellent marks.

Below we share CompTIA A+ 220-1102 free demo to help you check the details first:

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1. A user attempts to open some files, but a message appears stating that the files are encrypted. The user was able to access these files before without receiving this message and no changes have been made within the company.

Which of the following has infected the computer?

2. A call center handles inquiries into billing issues for multiple medical facilities. A security analyst notices that call center agents often walk away from their workstations, leaving patient data visible for anyone to see.

Which of the following should a network administrator do to BEST prevent data theft within the call center?

3. Which of the following is the MOST cost-effective version of Windows 10 that allows remote access through Remote Desktop?

4. A technician is installing a new business application on a user's desktop computer. The machine is running Windows 10 Enterprise 32-bit operating system.

Which of the following files should the technician execute in order to complete the installation?

5. A technician needs to exclude an application folder from being cataloged by a Windows 10 search.

Which of the following utilities should be used?

6. Which of the following is an example of MFA?

7. An Android user contacts the help desk because a company smartphone failed to complete a tethered OS update A technician determines there are no error messages on the device.

Which of the following should the technician do NEXT?

8. A technician needs lo formal a USB drive to transfer 20GB of data from a Linux computer to a Windows computer.

Which of the following filesystems will the technician MOST likely use?

9. After clicking on a link in an email a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) received the following error:

The CFO then reported the incident to a technician. The link is purportedly to the organization's bank.

Which of the following should the technician perform FIRST?

10. A user receives a notification indicating the antivirus protection on a company laptop is out of date. A technician is able to ping the user's laptop. The technician checks the antivirus parent servers and sees the latest signatures have been installed. The technician then checks the user's laptop and finds the antivirus engine and definitions are current.

Which of the following has MOST likely occurred?


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