Verified Google Workspace Administrator Exam Dumps Questions: Good Way to Pass Professional Google Workspace Administrator Exam

Verified Google Workspace Administrator Exam Dumps Questions: Good Way to Pass Professional Google Workspace Administrator Exam

ITPrepare offers the most convenient and economical way to help you pass the Professional Google Workspace Administrator exam. We have updated the Google Workspace Administrator exam dumps, and all the questions and answers in the dumps have been verified by the successful candidates and professional team. The best thing is that one can easily download the dumps pdf where ever they want. You can download the pdf file on a PC, laptop, MacBook, or any other device from where one can easily go through the Google Workspace Administrator exam dumps without wasting time. The Google Workspace Administrator dumps questions of ITPrepare help to get success in the Professional Google Workspace Administrator exam.

Free Google Workspace Administrator Demo Questions Below For Learning

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1. Your company recently migrated to Google Workspace and wants to deploy a commonly used third-party app to all of finance. Your OU structure in Google Workspace is broken down by department. You need to ensure that the correct users get this app.

What should you do?

2. 1.Your organization is on Google Workspace Enterprise and allows for external sharing of Google Drive files to facilitate collaboration with other Google Workspace customers. Recently you have had several incidents of files and folders being broadly shared with external users and groups. Your chief security officer needs data on the scope of external sharing and ongoing alerting so that external access does not have to be disabled.

What two actions should you take to support the chief security officer's request? (Choose two.)

3. Your cyber security team has requested that all email destined for external domains be scanned for credit card numbers, and if found, the email must be encrypted using your cloud-based third-party encryption provider. You are responsible for configuring to meet this request.

What should you do?

4. You are using Google Cloud Directory Sync to manage users. You performed an initial sync of nearly 1,000 mailing lists to Google Groups with Google Cloud Directory Sync and now are planning to manage groups directly from Google. Over half the groups have been configured with incorrect settings, including who can post, who can join, and which groups can have external members. You need to update groups to be configured correctly.

What should you do?

5. Your company is using Google Workspace Enterprise Plus, and the Human Resources (HR) department is asking for access to Work Insights to analyze adoption of Google Workspace for all company employees. You assigned a custom role with the work Insights permission set as “view data for all teams” to the HR group, but it is reporting an error when accessing the application.

What should you do?

6. As the Workspace Administrator, you have been asked to configure Google Cloud Directory Sync (GCDS) in order to manage Google Group memberships from an internal LDAP server. However, multiple Google Groups must have their memberships managed manually. When you run the GCDS sync, you notice that these manually managed groups are being deleted.

What should you do to prevent these groups from being deleted?

7. Your organization recently deployed Google Workspace. Your admin team has been very focused on configuring the core services for your environment, which has left you little time to pay attention to other areas. Your security team has just informed you that many users are leveraging unauthorized add-ons, and they are concerned about data exfiltration. The admin team wants you to cut off all add-ons access to Workspace data immediately and block all future add-ons until further notice. However, they approve of users leveraging their Workspace accounts to sign into third-party sites.

What should you do?

8. Your Chief Information Security Officer is concerned about phishing. You implemented 2 Factor Authentication and forced hardware keys as a best practice to prevent such attacks. The CISO is curious as to how many such email phishing attempts you've avoided since putting the 2FA+Hardware Keys in place last month.

Where do you find the information your CISO is interested in seeing?

9. Your client is a multinational company with a single email domain. The client has compliance requirements and policies that vary by country. You need to configure the environment so that each country has their own administrator and no administrator can manage another country.

What should you do?

10. You are the Workspace administrator for an international organization with Enterprise Plus Workspace licensing. A third of your employees are located in the United States, another third in Europe, and the other third geographically dispersed around the world. European employees are required to have their data stored in Europe. The current OU structure for your organization is organized by business unit, with no attention to user location.

How do you configure Workspace for the fastest end user experience while also ensuring that European user data is contained in Europe?


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