Take Google Cloud-Digital-Leader Exam Dumps Free Demo To Check Cloud-Digital-Leader Dumps (2022)

Take Google Cloud-Digital-Leader Exam Dumps Free Demo To Check Cloud-Digital-Leader Dumps (2022)

Cloud-Digital-Leader certification is for anyone who wishes to demonstrate their knowledge of cloud computing basics and how Google Cloud products and services can be used to achieve an organization’s goals. When deciding to take the Cloud-Digital-Leader exam, you need the great Cloud-Digital-Leader dumps. ITPrepare has the latest Cloud-Digital-Leader exam dumps with the practice questions and answers for your preparation. The Google Cloud-Digital-Leader exam dumps pdf has been made by ITPrepare that clearly mention everything needed to go through Cloud-Digital-Leader Exam.

Take Google Cloud-Digital-Leader Exam Dumps Free Demo To Check Cloud-Digital-Leader Dumps (2022)

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1. Your company has recently acquired three growing startups in three different countries. You want to reduce overhead in infrastructure management and keep your costs low without sacrificing security and quality of service to your customers.

How should you meet these requirements?

2. An organization wants to search for and share plug-and-play AI components which can easily build ML services into their project .

Which Google Cloud product should the organization use?

3. An organization has created an ecommerce website .

What data on this website would be considered structured data?

4. Which Google Cloud product or feature makes specific recommendations based on security risks and compliance violations?

5. Your organization wants to be sure that is expenditures on cloud services are in line with the budget .

Which two Google Cloud cost management features help your organization gain greater visibility into its cloud resource costs? (Choose two.)

6. What according to you are NOT the key capabilities of In-App Messaging?

7. A Multiple projects within your organization have long-term VM usage. Based on current demand, they are able to project into the future and estimate how many VM hours they will use every year. Going in for a committed use contract seems sensible .

How can you configure committed use easily across all the projects?

8. You have experimented with Google Cloud using your own credit card and expensed the costs to your company. Your company wants to streamline the billing process and charge the costs of your projects to their monthly invoice .

What should you do?

9. The government has ordered an audit of your company's data. You have hired an external company to conduct the audit. They need to be able to review the data stored in your Cloud Storage buckets across eight projects .

How would you grant them access?

10. Your organization is on a critical path with recently developed applications. They are going into production in a month. A few million users are expected to use the new application. They want to ensure minimum disruption when the application goes live. Any issues have to be dealt with within minutes and resolved as quickly as possible .

Which Support package should they take?


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