Updated Professional Cloud Security Engineer Dumps

Updated Professional Cloud Security Engineer Dumps

To be a Professional Cloud Security Engineer certified can improve yourself. A Cloud Security Engineer enables organizations to design and implement secure workloads and infrastructure on Google Cloud. Professional Cloud Security Engineer exam is available in English and Japanese, which requires you to complete all the multiple choice and multiple select exam questions in 2 hours. While preparing for Professional Cloud Security Engineer exam, candidates can choose the most updated Professional Cloud Security Engineer dumps as the preparation materials.

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1. Your organization recently deployed a new application on Google Kubernetes Engine. You need to deploy a solution to protect the application.

The solution has the following requirements:

Scans must run at least once per week

Must be able to detect cross-site scripting vulnerabilities

Must be able to authenticate using Google accounts

Which solution should you use?

2. You are asked to recommend a solution to store and retrieve sensitive configuration data from an application that runs on Compute Engine .

Which option should you recommend?

3. Validate that the App Engine Default Service Account is the only account that has a role that can write to BigQuery.

4. 1.You are part of a security team that wants to ensure that a Cloud Storage bucket in Project A can only be readable from Project B. You also want to ensure that data in the Cloud Storage bucket cannot be accessed from or copied to Cloud Storage buckets outside the network, even if the user has the correct credentials.

What should you do?

5. Your company runs a website that will store PII on Google Cloud Platform. To comply with data privacy regulations, this data can only be stored for a specific amount of time and must be fully deleted after this specific period. Data that has not yet reached the time period should not be deleted. You want to automate the process of complying with this regulation.

What should you do?

6. In a shared security responsibility model for IaaS, which two layers of the stack does the customer share responsibility for? (Choose two.)

7. A customer wants to move their sensitive workloads to a Compute Engine-based cluster using Managed Instance Groups (MIGs). The jobs are bursty and must be completed quickly. They have a requirement to be able to manage and rotate the encryption keys.

Which boot disk encryption solution should you use on the cluster to meet this customer’s requirements?

8. A company is running their webshop on Google Kubernetes Engine and wants to analyze customer transactions in BigQuery. You need to ensure that no credit card numbers are stored in BigQuery

What should you do?

9. Your company is using Cloud Dataproc for its Spark and Hadoop jobs. You want to be able to create, rotate, and destroy symmetric encryption keys used for the persistent disks used by Cloud Dataproc. Keys can be stored in the cloud.

What should you do?

10. A customer has 300 engineers. The company wants to grant different levels of access and efficiently manage IAM permissions between users in the development and production environment projects.

Which two steps should the company take to meet these requirements? (Choose two.)


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