Updated CompTIA CASP+ CAS-004 Exam Dumps – Good Materials For Clearing CAS-004 Exam

Updated CompTIA CASP+ CAS-004 Exam Dumps – Good Materials For Clearing CAS-004 Exam

We must admit that the CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP+) certification is the ideal certification for technical professionals to prove that they can access cyber readiness within an enterprise, and design and implement the proper solutions to ensure the organization is ready for the next attack. When planning to take the CAS-004 exam to earn the CompTIA CASP+ certification, you can choose the updated CompTIA CAS-004 exam dumps for clearing the CompTIA CASP+ CAS-004 exam successfully. We promise, with ITPrepare CAS0-004 exam dumps, CAS-004 candidates can easily score well in the CAS-004 CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP+) Exam.

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1. A company is implementing SSL inspection. During the next six months, multiple web applications that will be separated out with subdomains will be deployed.

Which of the following will allow the inspection of the data without multiple certificate deployments?

2. A security architect works for a manufacturing organization that has many different branch offices. The architect is looking for a way to reduce traffic and ensure the branch offices receive the latest copy of revoked certificates issued by the CA at the organization’s headquarters location. The solution must also have the lowest power requirement on the CA.

Which of the following is the BEST solution?

3. A threat hunting team receives a report about possible APT activity in the network.

Which of the following threat management frameworks should the team implement?

4. A disaster recovery team learned of several mistakes that were made during the last disaster recovery parallel test. Computational resources ran out at 70% of restoration of critical services.

Which of the following should be modified to prevent the issue from reoccurring?

5. A technician is reviewing the logs and notices a large number of files were transferred to remote sites over the course of three months. This activity then stopped. The files were transferred via TLS-protected HTTP sessions from systems that do not send traffic to those sites.

The technician will define this threat as:

6. An organization recently experienced a ransomware attack. The security team leader is concerned about the attack reoccurring. However, no further security measures have been implemented.

Which of the following processes can be used to identify potential prevention recommendations?

7. A security engineer has been asked to close all non-secure connections from the corporate network. The engineer is attempting to understand why the corporate UTM will not allow users to download email via IMAPS. The engineer formulates a theory and begins testing by creating the firewall ID 58, and users are able to download emails correctly by using IMAP instead.

The network comprises three VLANs:

The security engineer looks at the UTM firewall rules and finds the following:

Which of the following should the security engineer do to ensure IMAPS functions properly on the corporate user network?

8. Despite the fact that ten new API servers were added, the load across servers was heavy at peak times.

Which of the following infrastructure design changes would be BEST for the organization to implement to avoid these issues in the future?

9. An organization wants to perform a scan of all its systems against best practice security configurations.

Which of the following SCAP standards, when combined, will enable the organization to view each of the configuration checks in a machine-readable checklist format for fill automation? (Choose two.)

10. After a security incident, a network security engineer discovers that a portion of the company’s sensitive external traffic has been redirected through a secondary ISP that is not normally used.

Which of the following would BEST secure the routes while allowing the network to function in the event of a single provider failure?


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