Up-to-Date PEGAPCLSA86V2 Exam Dumps Questions

Up-to-Date PEGAPCLSA86V2 Exam Dumps Questions

You can practice the up-to-date PEGAPCLSA86V2 exam dumps questions to make sure that you have made the best preparation for passing the Lead System Architect (LSA) Pega Architecture Exam 86V2 certification exam. You can choose the most updated Pegasystems PEGAPCLSA86V2 exam dumps as the learning materials. We can help you improve your skills and boost your confidence levels. This will aid in completing both learning and practicing Pegasystems PEGAPCLSA86V2 exam questions and answers all at the very same time.

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1. XYZ Corp users are experiencing delays in the application that you suspect is related to the database.

Which two options do you recommend to isolate the issue? (Choose Two)

2. What two recommendations do you provide to the development team to ensure the performance of the Pega application does not degrade over tune? (Choose Two)

3. Identify three rule types that are used in defining Authentication Service data instances. (Choose Three)

4. Ar.mo Corporation is designing an Order Fulfillment application built on an Inventory application. Both applications reuse a section that displays Part details.

Where do you configure the PartOetails section?

5. an application to onboard new bank customers create child cases for each account that the customer opens.

You need to configure a report definition that lists new customer cases created in a given day and the average opening balance for all account child cases for each customer.

Which reporting feature do you use?

6. 1.Select two ways for queuing an item for a queue p

7. Using the information shown in the case structure below, which option is always true?

8. Select the recommended option for extending the data model provided by a pega industry framework.

9. Customer information is captured in an application. Corporate policy states that private information be secured and only visible to a limited users.

Which configuration do you recommend?

10. An application processes stock market trades.

Which two requirement are best implemented by an advanced agent?


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