Pega Certified Lead System Architect PEGAPCLSA86V2 Dumps – Help You Pass The Pegasystems PEGAPCLSA86V2 Exam

Pega Certified Lead System Architect PEGAPCLSA86V2 Dumps – Help You Pass The Pegasystems PEGAPCLSA86V2 Exam

We know the Pega Certified Lead System Architect certification, it is one popular Pegasystems certification exam for Certified Pega Senior System Architects with at least 12+ months of field experience who are ready to extend their experience and knowledge of building Pega-based applications. We ITPrepare give you the latest PEGAPCLSA86V2 dumps to help you pass the Lead System Architect (LSA) Pega Architecture Exam 86V2 exam successfully. ITPrepare had actually made the authentic and the most reliable PEGAPCLSA86V2 exam dumps to help you get 100% results in the PEGAPCLSA86V2 exam and may prosper in the field.

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1. A purchase order application allows users in their work group to read and write purchase request cases.

When the total amount exceeds usd10,000 however, only the work group manger can read and write the case. Select two configuration that satisfy the requirement. (choose two)

2. Which three actions do you recommend to address their performance issue and ensure optimal application performance in the future? (Choose Three.)


Select and move the five steps required to implement single sign-on (SSO) authentication in a pega application to the SSO authentication implementation steps column. (choose five)

4. Identify two benefits provided by using single sign-on (SSO) in a high availability (HA)

application. (choose two)

5. The BigCo quoting application is currently on-premise. BigCo plans to move the application to Pega Cloud.

What factor do you need to consider for environment setup?

6. BiyCo has two development projects currently in progress developed by independent teams. One team builds the Quoting application. Another team builds the Policy Administration application. Development takes place on different servers with separate rulebases.

The Quoting application is built on the Policy Administration application.

The Policy Administration application requires enhancements to support other areas of the business.

The Quoting team is notified when the Policy Administration application is versioned. The Quoting team responds by importing a HAP containing the new version.

Select the two best practices to minimize potential development conflicts and work with the most current version of the Policy Administration application. (Choose Two)

7. 1.You isolated the problem to node ! of the cluster. Y see node 1 goes down shortly «ift<rr 3:00 P.M. every day with an out-of-memory error.

What is the likely cause of the out of-memory error?

8. XYZ, Inc. is multinational software interested in deploying a worldwide application as soon as possible. The application currently does not have requirements that depend on its user’s geographical region. An outside consultant suggested that the application initially be generated with a framework and implementation layer.

Which three questions do you ask to validate the outside consultant’s recommendation? (Choose Three)


BigCo is planning an update to JVM settings on all production nodes at the of the month.

The production application supports high availability.

To ensure that users can continue working without distribution while the JVM changes are in process, select and move all of the following tasks to the Task List Order column arrange then correct order.

10. A shipping case needs to wait n specific time period before progressing in its flow. The developer is considering using ;i wait shape or an assignment with an SI A to perform this (unction.

Identify the two requirements for which a wait shape is the simpler approach. (Choose Two)



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