Get Success In Certified Pega Senior System Architect (PCSSA) 87V1 Exam With New PEGAPCSSA87V1 Dumps

Get Success In Certified Pega Senior System Architect (PCSSA) 87V1 Exam With New PEGAPCSSA87V1 Dumps

Two ways to earn the Pegasystems Certified Pega Senior System Architect (PCSSA) certification:

As the new exam for Pegasystems PCSSA certification, the Certified Pega Senior System Architect (PCSSA) 87V1 (Version 8.7) PEGAPCSSA87V1 exam is highly recommended. ITPrepare has the new PEGAPCSSA87V1 dumps to help you get success in the Certified Pega Senior System Architect (PCSSA) 87V1 certification exam. The new Certified Pega Senior System Architect (PCSSA) 87V1 PEGAPCSSA87V1 exam dumps contain real questions and verified answers that surely help you easily pass the Pegasystems PEGAPCSSA87V1 exam on the first attempt.

Try to check the Pegasystems PEGAPCSSA87V1 free dumps below first:

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1. A budgeting application uses a job scheduler to automatically email customers once a week with a breakdown of their weekly expenses. Due to the international usage of the application, stakeholders require peak performance at all hours.

Which solution addresses this performance concern?

2. The ruleset list for an application consists of the following rulesets, ordered from highest to lowest:

• SelfService: 01-01

• TGB-HR:01-01

• TGB:01-01

A rule with an Apply to: class of TGB-HR-SelfService-Work-TimeOff references a rule named ConfirmationRequest. The four instances of Confirmation Request in the rules cache are shown in the following table.

Apply to:

Ruleset: Version



SelfService: 01-01-01




TGB-HR-SelfService-Work-TimeOff TGB-HR-SelfService-Work-TimeOff


SelfService: 01-01-02




Which is chosen during rule resolution?

3. In which scenario is a Declare OnChange rule appropriate?

4. Consider the following requirement: An auditing policy explicitly requires that employees cannot see the contents of complaints made against themselves.

Which security solution do you use to satisfy the requirement?

5. Which two best practices for creating a mobile app on Pega Platform guarantee a consistent user experience? (Choose Two)

6. A requirement states that the Manager role cannot open a purchase request during the Audit stage.

How do you configure the case stage to satisfy this requirement?

7. In an online shopping application, you enable class-level encryption for the entire case type and optimize First Name, Last Name, Social Security number (SSN), Total Cart, and Account Number properties for reporting.

To secure sensitive data, how do you enable property-level encryption for SSN and Account Number?

8. In MLP2, the business asks you to create a mobile app for an existing Pega Platform application.

Which two of the following actions are required to create the mobile app? (Choose Two)

9. Which three approaches are valid for improving activity security? (Choose Three)

10. What is the difference between using the Call and Branch methods in an activity step to invoke other activities?


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