The Most Updated NS0-527 Exam Dumps [2022] For NetApp NCIE-DP Certification Exam

The Most Updated NS0-527 Exam Dumps [2022] For NetApp NCIE-DP Certification Exam

The NS0-527 NetApp Certified Implementation Engineer, Data Protection certification exam is an important Network Appliance certification exam in the growing IT area. More and more students and candidates are eager to pass the NS0-527 exam for a successful career. The most updated NS0-527 exam dumps of ITPrepare are great, with the actual NS0-527 dumps questions and answers, you can pass the NetApp Certified Implementation Engineer, Data Protection (NetApp NCIE-DP) certification exam on the first try.

Before attending the NS0-527 exam with the help of NS0-527 exam dumps, you can read NS0-527 free dumps below:

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1. Which two NetApp technologies allow for synchronous replication of data between two remote sites? (Choose two.)

2. You decide to enable SnapMirror network compression on your NetApp clustered Data ONTAP environment.

Which two statements are correct about enabling this feature? (Choose two.)

3. You want to configure peering between two existing ONTAP HA clusters.

In this scenario, which three steps would you perform to accomplish this task? (Choose three.)

4. You want to ensure that you are using compatible hardware and software versions with your MetroCluster installation.

Which tool would accomplish this task?

5. A storage administrator is reviewing NAS volume spaceallocation and is concerned that the Snapshot copies that are recently created to protect the volumes are not storing the data from the volumes. One volume contains over 20 GB of data, although the latest SnapShot copy contains only 198 KB of data.

In this scenario, which statement is true?

6. A volume on a FabricPool-enabled aggregate is consuming 10 TB of the performance tier and 90 TB of the cloud tier. A SnapMirror copy needs to be created on a FabricPool-enabled peer cluster at a disaster recovery location.

In this scenario, how much data is transferred when the SnapMirror relationship is initialized?

7. Which two tools would you use toverify that an Oracle database has an application-consistent snapshot taken? (Choose two.)

8. A previous administrator had configured an external backup system to use node-scoped NDMP for backups, but you want to change this system to use SVM-scoped NDMP.

How do you make this change in ONTAP?

9. Click the Exhibit button.

Referring to the exhibit, what two Search Criteria check boxes need to be used to provide a supported solution for protecting Windows Server 2019 DCE 64-bit, x64 host using local NetApp LUNs with SnapCenter Server 4.1.1? (Choose two.)

10. A customer has just purchased a new 2-node AFF A220 cluster running ONTAP 9.7 and moved the older 4- node FAS2650 cluster running ONTAP 9.5 to an off-site location. They want to configure replication to the FAS2650 cluster for both disaster recovery and long-term archiving.

In thisscenario, how would the customer accomplish this task?


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