NetApp Cloud Certification NS0-403 Real Exam Dumps – Right Way To Prepare Well

NetApp Cloud Certification NS0-403 Real Exam Dumps – Right Way To Prepare Well

To all, the NS0-403 real exam dumps of ITPrepare include the most appropriate information to help you prepare for the NS0-403 NetApp Certified Hybrid Cloud Implementation Engineer certification exam well. You can similarly get the NetApp NS0-403 pdf questions that could end up being useful to you in making arrangements for the NS0-403 new requests extra really as these NetApp Certified Hybrid Cloud Implementation Engineer exam dumps questions allow you the complete opportunity to rapidly prepare for the NS0-403 exam.

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1. What are two stages in the DevOps lifecycle? (Choose two.)

2. You have a 4-node AFF A800 cluster that is serving file data. You are required to replicate copies of the data volumes directly to Amazon S3.

In this scenario, which two NetApp tools satisfy this requirement? (Choose two.)

3. You are creating an Ansible playbook to deploy a NetApp ONTAP cluster. You want to take advantage of a loop to automate the creation of several volumes.

What would accomplish this task?





4. You are asked to provision storage for a development team to make use of NetApp Trident in their Kubernetes environment. You want to ensure that Trident will not be able to exhaust the storage system resources.

In this scenario, which two actions would you take to satisfy the requirements? (Choose


5. Your customer is using Astra Control Service to back up applications. They require a consistent copy of the data that also captures data in flight.

Which two applications will Astra support in this scenario? (Choose two.)

6. Your organization is adopting DevOps techniques to accelerate the release times of your product. The organization wants to have more communication between teams, quick iterations, and a better method for training work in progress.

In this scenario, which three methodologies would you recommend? (Choose three.)

7. You are using REST APIs to deploy and manage storage that is provided by NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP in Microsoft Azure. You have written a Python script that contains a POST request to the following URL: http://localhost/occm/api/azure/vsa/working-environments. However, you receive a 401 response failure message that indicates that the user is not authenticated.

In this scenario, which two steps must you perform to communicate with an endpoint? (Choose two.)

8. 1.What are the three pillars of observability in DevOps? (Choose three.)

9. Click the Exhibit button.

You are configuring a FabricPool aggregate as shown in the exhibit.

In this scenario, where is the S3 bucket created?

10. You are researching different automation frameworks. One of the main features that you are seeking is the ability to provide an end state of what a particular environment should look like versus needing to define each step that is required to get to the end state.

In this scenario, which keyword should you be looking for as you research various automation frameworks?


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