Real Network Appliance NS0-520 Exam Dumps Questions Online

Real Network Appliance NS0-520 Exam Dumps Questions Online

How to earn your NetApp Certified Implementation Engineer—SAN Specialist certification?

  • Step 1: Pass the NS0-162 exam to earn the NetApp Certified Data Administrator, ONTAP certification successfully.
  • Step 2: Pass the NS0-520 NetApp Certified Implementation Engineer – SAN, ONTAP exam successfully.

ITPrepare is providing you with the real Network Appliance NS0-520 exam dumps questions online to ensure that you can pass the NetApp Certified Implementation Engineer – SAN, ONTAP exam successfully. Also, we have NS0-520 free dumps demo below for checking.

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1. You are troubleshooting a node that had a core dump. The HA partner took over and you successfully performed a giveback. You need to get access to the core files.

Which two locations will give you access? (Choose two.)

2. Click the Exhibit button.

Referring to the exhibit, which two Fibre Channel names should you zone on the FC switch to provide connectivity to the LUN? (Choose two.)

3. You must ensure that a cluster that uses FabricPool has high availability.

What is required to accomplish this task?

4. You are troubleshooting high CPU use on a FAS8200 with all SAS HDDs. You have SAN hosts with LUNs in a volume named vol1. You want to reduce CPU use and maintain storage efficiencies.

Referring to the exhibit which three actions will accomplish this task? (Choose three.)

5. Before running lun setup on the storage system, you must first create the igroup to which the initiator will be attached.

6. Which data collection tool would be used for obtaining detailed information about hosts that are attached to ONTAP storage?

7. A customer's NetApp infrastructure is reaching end-of-life (EOL), and they want to inventory their NetApp cluster. The customer wants to make sure that the proposed technical refresh satisfies their growing data demands.

Which two tools would you use to help with this recommendation? (Choose two.)

8. An administrator has expanded a 2-node ONTAP cluster to a 4-node ONTAP cluster. The cluster is using FC LUNs with all of the default settings. You must rebalance the LUNs to the new nodes.

Which configuration must be made to achieve this requirement?

9. An administrator suspects abnormal operation and performance-related issues within a particular SAN environment.

The administrator wants to further investigate the environment in terms of overall health, best practice recommendations, proactive remediation, and risk assessments, as compared to other SAN deployments.

Which tool should the administrator use to assess this information?

10. A 4-node ONTAP FAS9000 cluster was used to serve I/O from six RedHat 7.3 servers. The servers were configured with maximum, queue depth.

For production purposes, an additional 60 similarly configured hosts were added to the environment. Later, the hosts started reporting random QFull errors, and the aggregated performance degraded.

Which two solutions would alleviate the QFull errors and performance problems? (Choose two.)


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