ServiceNow Hardware Asset Management Exam CIS-HAM Real Test Questions Online

ServiceNow Hardware Asset Management Exam CIS-HAM Real Test Questions Online

A candidate who has passed the ServiceNow Certified Implementation Specialist – Hardware Asset Management (CIS-HAM) certification exam will have the skills and essential knowledge to contribute to the configuration, implementation, and maintenance of the ServiceNow ITSM Asset Management and ServiceNow Hardware Asset Management (HAM) applications. But how to pass the ServiceNow CIS-HAM exam successfully. You can choose the CIS-HAM real test questions online from ITPrepare. Make sure you study all the CIS-HAM Q&As and prepare well for the exam. We guarantee that you can pass the ServiceNow CIS-HAM exam successfully.

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1. Hamm is a member of the Asset Managers group which has the ham_admin role assigned to it.

Based on this role alone, which of the following operations can Hamm perform? (Choose four.)

2. Expected outcomes of IT asset management (ITAM) include which of the following? (Choose three.)

3. What is the impact of a customer opting out of the ServiceNow Content Service for specific models?

4. Which of the following are valid substates of the Retired state? (Choose four.)

5. Which catalogs support the request and procurement process? (Choose three.)

6. What is the process of restructuring data to maintain consistency?

7. What is the difference between ITAM personas and ITAM Roles? (Choose four.)

8. When viewing the Model Management tab of the Hardware Asset dashboard, you see that several models are reported as Match Not Found.

What are potential causes of this? (Choose three.)

9. Once the content update adds hardware lifecycle data to your instance, can it be deleted?

10. What is the third tier of the capability blueprint?


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