ServiceNow Certified System Administrator CSA Exam Dumps Online [2022]

ServiceNow Certified System Administrator CSA Exam Dumps Online [2022]

To be well-prepared ServiceNow Certified System Administrator certification exam, come here to choose the right CSA exam dumps online first. Passing the ServiceNow System Administrator Certification Exam (CSA) demonstrates mastery of ServiceNow System Administration and certifies that a candidate has the skills and essential knowledge necessary to manage the configuration, implementation, and maintenance of the ServiceNow platform. The most valid CSA exam dumps online of ITPrepare are based on the skills and knowledge points to ensure that you can pass ServiceNow CSA exam in the first attempt.

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1. What information does the System Dictionary contain?

2. What is a characteristic of importing data into ServiceNow?

3. Record numbers have to be manually incremented

4. Which one of the following modules can be used to view field settings for a table?

5. Which of the following statements is true when a new table is created by extending another table?

6. What is a sys_id?

7. Which configuration allows you to use a script to coalesce data in Import Sets?

8. Which one of the following is an accurate list of changes that are captured in an Update Set?

9. Which of the following are a type of client scripts supported in ServiceNow? (Choose four.)

10. What are the main components of the Form Design interface? (Choose three.)


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