Real Avaya 72201X Dumps For Avaya Aura Core Components Support Certified Exam Preparation

Real Avaya 72201X Dumps For Avaya Aura Core Components Support Certified Exam Preparation

Avaya Aura Core Components Support Certified Exam 72201X is one popular Avaya certification exam for Avaya Aura® Core Components Support (ACSS-7220) certification. When deciding to prepare for the Avaya Aura Core Components Support Certified Exam, you need to choose the proper dumps such as real Avaya 77201X dumps of ITPrepare to be the good exam preparation materials. Finish the Avaya Aura Core Components Support Certified Exam 72201X exam specifications and prepare together with the real Avaya 72201X dumps by acquiring the accessible study materials online.

Try to test free Avaya 72201X demo questions before getting real Avaya 72201X dumps:

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1. Which statement is true about Interfaces and IP addresses on an Avaya Session Border Controller for Enterprise (SBCE) used for SIP Trunking and Remote Worker services?

2. When observing the Avaya Aura® Session Manager dashboard, you notice that one entity is marked as down.

Which two troubleshooting tools can be used to investigate the problem? (Choose two.)

3. After implementation, Avaya Aura® Session Manager (SM) replication status is Not Polling and the replica node is not reachable. The network connectivity has been verified, and so has the correct DNS configuration. Although Avaya Aura® System Manager (SMGR) cannot connect to SM, it can connect to other network components.

Based on an analysis of what is working and not working, where should the administrator try to isolate the issue?

4. A customer calls Avaya support after their telecom administrator was unable to add 50 new telephones for new hires. Avaya support determines that the number of telephone exceeds the capacity that the system supports.

Which pre-installation step was omitted and therefore caused this problem?

5. Which statement desribes the steps to save the traceSM log file?

6. How can you view the entire contents of the current Avaya Aura® Communication Manager (CM) call processing log file?

7. A customer calls Avaya Support stating their Session Manager (SM) is down. After some troubleshooting the tecnician sees SM is in the Deny New Service state and in Restricted licnese mode.

What does this license mode indicate?

8. What are two functions performed by System Manager? (Choose two.)

9. Which additional area may require trouble-shooting for a remote worker connected to a public network, over an office worker connected to the corporate private network?

10. How can you obtain a list of Avaya Aura® Communication Manager (CM) alarms that have been raised today, including previous alarms that are no longer active using CM SAT?


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