Most Recent 31861X Exam Dumps For Avaya OneCloud UCaaS Design Certified Exam

Most Recent 31861X Exam Dumps For Avaya OneCloud UCaaS Design Certified Exam

To counter the IT work market rivalry, you want to pass the 31861X Avaya OneCloud UCaaS Design Certified Exam successfully to promote yourself, but still worried about how to pass the Avaya 31861X exam successfully. The most recent 31861X exam dumps of ITPrepare have been completed for your Avaya OneCloud UCaaS Design Certified Exam. Choose the ITPrepare Avaya 31861X exam dumps and confirm your abilities by studying the 31861X dumps questions and preparing yourself pleasantly.

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1. A customer has a main location and several remote locations with Avaya Aura® Survivable Remotes.

How many components can an Avaya IX™ IP Phone J169 SIP endpoint register to simultaneously?

2. 1.You are trying to determine how many Basic and Mainstream licenses are needed to support a proposal for Avaya IX Messaging.

Which feature requires a Mainstream license?

3. Yourare designing an addition to a customer's existing Avaya Aura® system. The addition will include 575 IP sets, of which 200 will also use Avaya Equinox® for the Desktop, 175 will use Desktop P2P Video, and 25 of them will also need Extension to Cellular (EC500). There are 75 other new users who will use Avaya Equinox® for iOS as their only UC Client or endpoint. The customer does not want a la carte licensing for applications not covered by Core Suite, and will purchase other Avaya Aura® Suites as required.

How many Core Suite licenses are needed for the addition?

4. You have a customer who requires both SIP Trunking and Remote Workers. After examining the features needed overall, you have determined that 700 Core Suite licenses are required. You still need to quote SBCE licenses, in addition to the entitlements included with Core Suite licenses, to support a total of 120 PSTN SIP trunks and 330 remote workers. The customer has agreed to a 3 remote worker users to 1 session access basis.

How many additional standard and advanced a la carte SBCE licenses are needed? (Choose two.)

5. You are planning a branch location that requires Tl/El Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) trunks. There will be a peak hour usage of 1 PSTN trunk for every 20 of the 500 users.

How many PSTN trunks and DSP resources will be needed to support calls between IP telephones and the PSTN in the branch?

6. In preparation for the migration of CS1000 phones to Avaya Aura®, your customer is trying to understand how things will work after the migration.

How will CS1000 phones register?

7. You are interested in having multiple devices to register with the same extension number, but use only one user license.

Which three are required for the Multiple Device Access feature? (Choose three.)

8. A customer Is adding a branch location, and they have an Avaya Aura® core at their existing location. It is a requirement that the equipment at the new branch location continues to provide service during WAN failures. This includes the ability for callers to leave a voicemail message by having the call route from the new location over PRI to the core location where the voicemail resides.

Assuming both locations have PRI and G450s, which Item needs to be included at the new location?

9. You are designing media gateways at remote locations for a customer.

They have requested the following:

• Analog telephone calls go through the PSTN in case of power outage.

• Redundant power supply

• The same administrative and telephone functionality during WAN outage

Which design meets these customer requests?

10. A company needs to add 1200 users to an Avaya Aura® deployment, and wants the same level of audio and video services for all users. But there is not enough bandwidth for audio and HD video calls for all of the existing and new users. (Assume HD video uses 1 Mbps.)

What can they do to provide the same audio and video services to all users?


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