Actual 77201X Exam Dumps – Check Free 77201X Dumps Online

Actual 77201X Exam Dumps – Check Free 77201X Dumps Online

77201X Avaya IP Office Platform Implement Certified Exam is the requirement for earning Avaya IP Office™ Platform Implement (ACIS – 7720) certification. When choosing to be the Avaya IP Office™ Platform Implement (ACIS – 7720) certified, just come to ITPrepare to start preparation with the actual 77201X exam dumps. We are the most trusted platform with the Avaya 77201X dumps for helping you achieve the success. We guarantee your success in Avaya 77201X exam with our Money Back Guarantee feature.

Check Avaya Certification 77201X Exam Free Dumps Online

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1. On an Avaya IP Office, where can the administrator password be changed?

2. When setting up Alarm Notifications on an Avaya IP Office solution, which three destination criteria can be selected? (Choose three.)

3. When dialing a number on an Avaya IP Office telephone, which dialed number has the highest priority?

4. Which statement about the Manager Application for IP Office Server Edition is true?

5. An Avaya IP Office customer wants all incoming calls from the 212 area code to be routed to the Sales hunt group.

To program an Incoming Call Route (ICR) to meet this requirement, which two steps are needed? (Choose two.)

6. With the tool Debug View, you can view the voice mail server activity.

Which statement about the Debug View is true?

7. 1.An Avaya IP Office customer with digital telephones uses their outbound digital lines at a capacity of 95%.

Which capacity increase should be considered when planning for future growth?

8. What is the maximum number of Combo cards supported on the IP500 V2 control unit?

9. After the installation of Avaya Equinox Client on a User’s Computer has been completed, which User Information is needed when the client is configured manually?

10. You are upgrading your Avaya IP Office network with a new release of software.

What is the procedure to install new binary files for the Avaya IP phones?


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